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Guy Mannino, CEO 'Verdek', the exclusive importer 'Tazzari' in North America, said: "The plan for 'Tazzari ZERO' is simple, let me say this car myself for myself. People can own a realistic assessment of what is vehicle represents a new way of driving a new way of thinking and a new perspective on the whole concept of motor vehicles. " 'It is assumed that the electric car' Tazzari 'will cost in the range 30 000 dollars and it comes from the heart of the Italian region sports car "- said Dale Long, executive director of 'EVCARCO'. 'Gone are the days when electric is not an available means of transportation. Sela Ward may find this interesting as well. Days are gone forever poor quality and unreliable technology.

'Tazzari ZERO' represents the most revolutionary innovation on four wheels. For more information see Larry Culp. " For electric vehicles 'Tazzari Zero' 'Tazzari Zero' ( is the first Italian all-electric vehicle and comes with cast aluminum frame, engine, located in the center, rear-wheel drive, low center of gravity, and is driven by a lithium-ion batteries based on iron. Double, weighing only 544 kg, is a trendy car has a torque of 150 kg (m / d, and the engine power of 15 kW. 'Tazzari Zero' represents a series of car 'lifestyle', and clearly demonstrates each unique identity of its owner. About Us 'Venta' 'Venta Inc.' ( is committed to finding, developing and distributing environmentally friendly products and technologies in the automotive industry worldwide through a network of motor trade missions and other trade means of reaching their end-users. The company aims to consolidate its brand presence as a mass distributor of popular electric vehicles, among the market today.

Image available at: ('Venta Inc.' is 'Tazzari ZERO' corporation NASA) forward-looking statements This release contains forward-looking statements that reflect the plans and expectations of the company 'VENTA Inc.'. In this press release and appropriate comments of the management team of the company, words like 'expect', 'anticipate', 'estimate', 'predict', 'desire', 'plan', 'target', etc. used to identify statements relating to the future, and represent current estimates and expectations of company executives about possible future events. The company's management believes that these statements related to future, and judgments on which they are based are rational, but they are not guarantees of future events, which includes numerous known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors, which may be the basis of actual results, performance, achievements or financial position of the company may be radically different from any future results, performance, achievements or financial position expressed or implied by these statements relating to the future. Contact Information Media: Richard Griffiths, 1-800-925-0577 Executive Officer of Investor Relations: Dmitry Tisno 1-800-553-0809 *** PRESS RELEASE The material published on a commercial basis. Interfax is not responsible for the content of the material. Goods and services subject to mandatory certification