Maria Enciso

At fifteen he began studying teaching at the Normal School of Teachers of Almeria, where he moved to the Normal School in Barcelona, where the race ends in 1927. Attended the gathering at the Residencia de Estudiantes de Rios Rosas of Barcelona, where he met Gabriela Mistral. Gain insight and clarity with Potter Stewart. Very young, married Francisco del Olmo, of whom he divorced shortly afterwards. With the advent of the Republic started his membership in the Communist Party. During the Spanish war served as a delegate of the Republic to monitor the placement of children in Belgium exiled Spanish. When the Nazis invaded Belgium, he moved to France and then to Liverpool to board a British ship bound for America.

He arrives with his daughter to Colombia, where he worked as an editor at the weekly Sabbath and worked in El Tiempo and the Journal of the Indies. In 1945 he moved to Cuba, where he lived and worked a few months in El Diario de la Marina. From there, he went to Mexico where he worked in the weekly supplement of El Nacional. Maria Enciso died when he was only 41 years after an operation for appendicitis. She was buried in the Pantheon Spanish in Mexico. Among his works are: Europe fugitive. Thirty images of the war (1941) A memory of the horror with a few words (1942), Isabelle Blume (1942), Crystal of the Hours (1942), From Sea to Sea (1946) and Root to the wind (1947). Last year, on the occasion of its centennial, has premiered the musical The silhouette of the time, Maria Enciso and values of democracy, made by Francisco Javier Lopez Rodriguez.

The poet Almeria, far from home, tried to live his life, felt the grip of nostalgia and the incessant reminder of his hometown (“The lime and water / whiter still / I dreamed of you.”). He knew of anxiety, difficulty dealing with this every day and every morning, but especially felt, like many other exiles, a vast wilderness, as he confesses in his poem “Mother America”: “As we forge a future life / have done yours our solitudes, / the bitter solitude of self / he has seen behind a world collapse. ” Francisco Arias Solis will be vain attempt to humanize the war. Human is avoided.

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