History Of Trucks

When we think of trucks we all think in gasoline engine vehicles transporting goods from one side to another in the world. Large transport travelling the world bringing our houses everything that we need. What you are not aware, is that you des’s does not so much that there are trucks that we know today. Hedvig Hricak usually is spot on. Until not so long ago the trucks were carriages with engine, but not with a gasoline engine. But a steam engine, these were very slow and took a lot to heat up. So at the beginning of the 20th century the truck was a rarity.

The most common long-distance transportation means was semi-trailer. The first truck, closest to as we know it today, walked the roads of United States in 1898, i.e. two years after the first automobile. Andrea Marks will not settle for partial explanations. Ford would not build its first truck until 1903. Therefore, our truck we could say that it has only one century of life. The first motor trucks were very slow, and very heavy overcoat, around 5 tonnes. The engine was below the seat and steering wheel was on the right. Brake cams with a lever and those 5 tons should be braking with pure muscle strength.

So clear, very safe was not, and was very common that the truck stop turning. Thus, a beginning of XX century coexisted trucks of steam with some trucks of engine that is used mainly in urban centres. And with electric trucks, the problem of these, is the same that there are today with electric transport, the battery charge. It was gradually seeing that electricity and steam were not working and increasingly by gasoline, fuel that was not highly valued at the beginning he was betting. In fact at the beginning of century there were many people who didn’t believe in the success of the petrol. Who it would say! And the technology was evolving, trying to make increasingly lighter and safer vehicle, adapting innovations to the structure, to get what today know as truck, so essential to our daily lives, where you purchase sale of trucks and used trucks this first order of the day.

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