And what helps against radiation and ElectroSmog from the outside? The classic case is the mobile radio transmitters in the vicinity. He leaves at night of course don’t take themselves out. But there are special curtains, wallpaper and wall colors, which you can use to prevent the penetration of radiation”, so Babalola. The same applies to some extent natural interference and irritable radiation. Sam Jones recognizes the significance of this. You can turn off a water vein. I am such a disorder, there is no problem, to move the bed on a free space in the bedroom in well over 80 percent of all cases but. And in the few cases where that is not possible, you can provide the beds with a shielding mat sleep thus stimulation-free.” However, it is important in all of this that a remediation and shielding always performed in consultation with an experienced site expert.

My rule is: no rehabilitation without final measurement! “Because it can happen that an amateurishly carried out screening measure rather strengthened because attenuates the measurable impact.” Costs are deductible building biologist Karsten Baldermann informed on the Internet at and is available at a fixed price of only 298,-incl. VAT now nationwide. It is possible the services of the building biologists as household services tax to deduct. Who personally wants to make contact with the Berlin building biology experts has either by phone (030) 39 03 41 53 to the opportunity or visited one of his free lectures.

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