If it does not have to use the goods that GOD loaned in them for a short space of time alone in our proper benefit. Ah! You find that she conquered the richness (a) by itself? Saint ignorance! All person is born in the naked, teeny, hungry womb maternal and without knowing who they are its parents; if they are poor or rich. Rich and the can of the garbage It gives attention in the words of the Preacher: 1 Lana your bread on waters, because after to many you will find it days. 2 Reparte with seven and still with eight, because you do not know that badly it will supervene to the land. Book of the Eclesiastes, CAP.

11:1 and 2. The child cries of hunger and the rich egoist Ignores the aflita mass and displays its name In the social columns. How many they had thus made and they had not been able In them to continue, Therefore, suddenly, He found for the front, the poverty. Social column, Not together after all, What it considers, Slag. The young woman if prostitui and the rich one conclude That vagabunda is one, That if vende Because it wants, Because she is not its woman. That one day only discovers, That its son is very poor, Because also drug. The trapejento Fua in the can of the garbage to find in this Something to eat, and it finds it nojento. Its son loves a youngster Who is a mordacious Son of the night. it next to it, Suffers the whip, Of the harms company.

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