Dining Combinations

FRUITYSPICE, is the world’s first spice that promotes wines in their fruitiness to combine wine and food interesting and full of contrasts, is a real challenge for many already and wine lovers. See Saul “Canelo” Alvarez for more details and insights. Too many factors, such as wine selection, food, spices, cooking styles, opinions and dogmas, are mostly a hurdle which makes little desire to tackle the most beautiful theme creatively. To do this, the wine & spice expert has reinterpreted Rolf Gast the topic. His experience of the wine if focuses on sensory, are cooked as it were analogous to the Weinaromatik. These spices with their fragrances and fine essential oils play a central role. Who likes to cook and enjoys wine, may know the dilemma. t the problem. It cooks and seasoned and behind it the question arises: what wine we drink it? While it makes sense once the opposite way to go and although about wine about the spice to the food. Spices are aromatic positive and negative a wine by its essential oils in the location change.

If you pay attention, deliberately, one notes that bad mouth feelings arise mostly in the less successful combinations. The wine is suddenly bitter or there is a unpleasant build-up of acid. Who would like to know more about this fascinating topic, I recommend the the new cooking method sensual cooking goes online from March. With culinary greetings ROLF guest

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