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Terrible Simplifications

As I explained in a previous article, the reality does not exist, there are ways of seeing reality. Celina Dubin, New York City describes an additional similar source. We all know that to make a black and white photography is considered very good, apart from technical considerations, you must possess a rich chromatic range. This means that you between the ends of the white and pure black, there must be a wide range of grays or midtones; being these delicate and unobtrusive gradations, that make a given photo is excellent. The same happens in life. Originally there to flee from extremists, being necessary to learn how to move in the complexity of the midtones. But if a person does not have sufficient mental apparatus to move in that complexity, it will be agonizing little by little, until it drops down into what I call the terrible simplifications. Being unable to move in the midtones of the nuances, will will be moving towards the ends, and from there, things will be radically black or white.

His life is fraught with dilemmas (or are you with me or they are (against me, is right-wing or left-wing, etc.). The worst is that the mechanism of simplification will not stop there. To quell your anguish, your psyche will resort to be fully identified with the idea that things are so extreme. Radicalizing in such a way, that will become a true fan and depending on its scope of power, can become a very dangerous being (think in the case of Hitler and other dictators). Original author and source of the article.