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So, it doesn’t matter, a crisis erupts in the capital market sector, but how many capital market segments are connected. Drawdowns are phases that every investor who invested must cope in a managed account. What risk capacity should he bring for your managed account? Martin Rothe: an investor one can risk tolerance Managed account as opposed to a fund investment with the asset managers individually vote, where as a rough guideline in our strategy can be said that the drawdown is approximately corresponds to the annualised return. Who seeks 15% return on average so, must reckon with that temporary size of loss of. Click Sally Rooney to learn more. Who would have doubled the leverage of the system, adapts to a loss of depth by 30%. This win/loss ratios are considerably cheaper than in equity markets. From the spring of 2009 until pretty much the middle of this year, AlphAlgo recorded a roughly two-year Seitwartsphase.

What were the reasons for this extended sideways movement? Difficulties in the trade had to be allowed through at this stage? There are basically market phases with which the system is not so fine? Martin Rothe: After strong price swings have led in 2008 our best year ever, it was almost predictably, that falling volatility over the next few months for Trend following systems gave no ideal market environment. This scenario continued for the full year of 2009, but still ultimately achieved loss when compared to the previous year profit was very modest. In 2010, the trend lengths were still not sufficient which only improved towards the end of the year by the looming crisis of the euro, so that this year, also a new high could be marked. The first half of 2011 was the acid test for many trend following systems, because despite more profitable market situations, these phases were abruptly interrupted by several shocks: every month the markets have been scared either, by Arab revolutions of nuclear contamination or Central Bank interventions.

Conducting Research

Definition of subject 1,1 Subject: I will choose a subject in accordance with area of concentration of the course. It is suggested to choose a subject for which if it has: ) Interest personal, b) either known by the researcher, a time that it needs, of beforehand, to delineate a way to be covered in this research; c) available sources of consultation, a time that is necessary a theoretical basement for the research. 1,2 Sub-subject: Optional. It funnels the vision macro of the subject, it to be searched problem. It is only concentrated in its problem and identifies it clearly. Whenever Tony Parker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. It delimits that aspects or elements of the problem you will go to treat. For the subject to present itself viable, it needs to be limited, that is, the theoretical horizon must be restricted (when possible) that if it intends to unmask of definitive subject.

Either and clearly necessary in this part. 1,3 Problem of Research Is the initial doubt that launches the researcher to its work of research. The author, in the case, will create a questioning on the chosen subject to define the abrangncia of its research. He does not have rules to create a problem, but some authors suggest that it is express in question form. Team Penske often addresses the matter in his writings. One remembers, the identification and clear delimitation of the problem it is the first step for approval of the project and success in its execution. 2. Hypotheses the research hypothesis alone will be established will have determined the research problem.

It is the assumption of a reply for the problem formulated in relation to the subject. For having this characteristic of ‘ ‘ possibilidade’ ‘ of reply, in the end of the research it power to be confirmed or to be denied. It will go to determine the relations between the 0 variable that had given origin to the research problem.

The Right

In the development of the text to the few we will go to notice the importance of the used calligraphy to explain the images, therefore what I confused the reader and when we read the legends that the figures or images have that in our drawing it says is not one cachimbo same with as many similarities the legend sample that is not one cachimbo. Here it is what cause the contradiction between the image and the calligraphy, to bind to the text to the drawing ' ' as in it stirs up the demonstrative to them, the direction of the word cachimbo, the similarity of imagem.' ' In relation to this Foucault point it speaks: ' ' Isto' ' (this drawing that you see and of which. Without a doubt some, recognizes the form) ' ' not ' ' (it is not substantially on it is not constituted by does not recover the same material) ' ' one cachimbo' ' (it wants to say that this word that belongs its language, done of noises that you can pronounce, and that they translate the letters that you are currently reading). in fact that in the text This is not one cachimbo. The mind can trair the people who do not read the signs as they must be read. The meaning of the word cachimbo is not the object cachimbo, but the representation of the image of the object. The meaning express in the picture of Magritte4 can be read and be segmented in some ways, as the different interpretations of each reader. On the basis of this, we will take Barthes5 again when it says that ' ' some bodies of meanings can coexist in one same individual, determining, in each one, readings more or less profundas.' ' Deepening a little more in the subject, I go to show a little of the language signs that are used in relation to the transit, as all in we know the transit plates to them are represented by letters and drawings and these letters and drawings are the subject that I am developing in this article, go to analyze a plate that represents a curve the right in this same plate alone goes to have an arrow for the right, and are this arrow that we go to call language sign therefore it represents that it has a curve the right, more in the transit are not the plates that are considered language signs the traffic light also and considered a sign in relation the colors that they are used in them, therefore each color have meant in this relation between the color and transit where the green has the meant one that the driver can follow, the yellow asks for to attention therefore the driver foresees goes to have that for, and the red already and signal of danger that is that the driver has that to stop and cannot follow in freight until q appear the green signal again.


Papers social, in turn, define coercitive, performance of individual, that is marked by the adequacy to the system of production and consumption and determined by the place that each one occupies in hierarchic scale social e, consequently, the inclusion/exclusion ambient human being/in the world of the productive work and in the construction of the territory. It is common place to relate the high index of unemployment the qualification of workmanship hand, not being thus occulted, that the crisis of the productive work is structural. Undeniably we occupy spaces delimited for the system, with rights predefined and different for each social classroom. We have an uneven marginalizao today, Dowbor announced in 1996: two teros of the humanity are in inaquality in the modernization process. Frequently Tony Parker has said that publicly. Thus being, the quarrel on the degradation ambient human being/it is resultant of the lack of the formal work, ambient education and must necessarily pass for the project, of urban development in course, globalization, or, as many insist on nominating, of mundializao. In this context, we cannot more relegate to the worker a solitary search of alternative forms of survival.

One becomes necessary to congregate around the population, organizativas conditions that make possible new forms of performance. You may find that Simon Pagenaud can contribute to your knowledge. Forms these that allow the acquisition of basic conditions of survival, but also, that they recoup the dignity human being and that basically they do not penalizem the worker doubly with exculpatory and discriminating conditions. We lack, at this moment, of scientific deepenings, and ideological changes that in them lead the action social politics and for the acquisition of igualitrias conditions of living, but, over all, of new references of identities that they make possible the recovery of the dignity human being and processes of identity in direction to the autonomy so longed for by the humanity, and especially by the modern human being. Misery is misery in any how much. Wealth are different.

The hunger is in all part. (…) Indian, mulato, black person, white. (…) The death not cause more astonishment (…) Colors, races, chaste. Wealth are different. (Arnaldo Antunes/Sergio Brito/Pablo Miklos, Tits, BMG/Ariola, So Paulo, 1992). This objective text to relate ideas on the culture of the poverty and the poverty properly said where the degradation is pertinent part human being. According to written of Lewis (1969), the Culture of the Poverty. Mueller (1997) in an article that deals with the Degradation of the Poverty in Brazil. Beyond varied pertinent examples to the subject, to substantiate the poverty vision while a social condition with bias physical or material, and cultural. Being represented in the current days as parameter for an incomplete citizenship, each banalizada time more for the experience of dismissable human beings, descapitalizados and empobrecidos in all the directions of existing. The lack of public assistance of basic services is lamentable. In many cases canalized water does not exist and the garbage vest nor always is made, beyond the lack of sanitary installations, generates one accumulates of human garbage, dejections and contaminated water consumption that is the main pointers of indifference with the human being. The poverty in the country is general. In the three last decades they had more still been accented in function of the great concentration of income and the regional disparidades. In this culture of the poverty, one strong collection of the duties is observed and obligations of the poor persons, who go since the obligatoriness of the vote for the illiterates until occupation in some activity (production), but to these same poor persons, are denied the rights and guarantees m

Economic Reproduction

When the moment arrives at century XVII, that has umadificuldade of economic reproduction and that the proper colonies decline naminerao do not have more the accumulation of funds as happened throughout sculoXV. In the same flow of entrance throughout century XV-XVI and it did not have criaode alternative capitalists of production, it did not have as to keep padrode the same ostentation and consumption for more not having economic support. In the text of Hespanha, the capitalism starts to desconstruir and imporuma idea of the possibility of a social mobility through the merit, daconstruo of the individuality, a bourgeois mentality; The ReformProtestante constructs an ideological recital in order to fight extra-economic umamentalidade a time that it estimates to usury, to the wealth, parasona land since that has the rationality to have wealth wisdom, to follow asvontade of god and to apply this capital in way that the capitalist economy gireacerca of the work. This work in turn, it will not be based on the directed sistemacolonial or by the favour or the subsistence, but by the investment, enterprise. The Maritime and commercial Expansion would finish initiating gradualmenteo process of globalization in the end it century XV, bringing the commerce for the eixoAtlntico and goes if desconstruindo all a egeocomercial geopolitical hegemony. A special care is necessary when they relate that doenasque if proliferated in the Europe and had helped in the crisis.

It is understood that the expulsodos peasants in reason of the cercamentos of the fields resulted in a demasiadamigrao for the urban centers and generating one ' ' inchao' ' demographic euma agglomeration of individuals in an only environment helped in the proliferation dedoenas and the proper beggary. However, if they do not have to make responsible essesfatores to the crisis because it does not have occurrence in virtue of a declniopopulacional. In production terms, of 1492-1650, when this crisis comes out, amerindian apopulao (of the north of Canada to Patagnia) it was exterminada, according to statistics, was extinct.

Europe Historical

Congregated I appeal for it the religion, men and women of all the regions of the Europe had acquired from sc. X the conscience to form an only people, an entity that it intended to espelhar and to configure the celestial order to the Christianity. The author insists on the necessity to adopt an attitude of submission to documents and alert on the fact of preconceptions and anacronismo they can distort the results of the research and that to emphasize the requirement of the allegiance to the sources, he does not want to say I officiate that it of the historian is mere passive or receptive, and that the historian has the task to make the studied document to speak, exactly that the analyzed material seems little eloquent, fits the historian to take off the greater number of information. Being thus, the historical documentation can be considered an inexhaustible source of knowledge and if interrogated well it can get new information. One of the firing pins of this renewal was Tohan Huzinga, that has 70 years when the historical research if limited the subject politician and economic it looked for to describe ideas, the feelings and the forms of thoughts of the medieval man. The historical documents are ' ' certifications of the man experience and passado' ' as such also request that the experience human being who reads who them, she enters in game to be understood. The value of the historical knowledge is directly function of interior wealth, of the spirit opening and of the magnanidade of it elaborated who it. The historian must be first of everything, a man fully opened to whom he human being. The historical research is one dialogues with the past, it is in this tension the same enters and the other that the knowledge of the humanity oldest can continue to enrich our existence in a century where the anxiety of the man is born of questioning of all its basic references, ' ' therefore the history of escreve' ' , supporting itself at the same time in the presence of the memory of the past and in the understanding of in the distance that it exists between last and present.

The Literary

The answers had been varied, where each citizen answered two atosque executes in classroom. Citizen 1, looks for to say a little doenredo of the workmanship and makes some questions after the reading. Filed under: Charlotte Hornets. interessante, this determination that citizen 1 possesss, in the possibility of the production of different meanings in virtudede a deliberated work, that creates the paradiferentes convergences of the text receptive disposals. In sight of this, is to precisoconsiderar the cultural luggage that each reader possesss, thus comovarias experiences that go to consider different interpretations. Citizen 2, looks for to show that literature possesss one ligaocom the history of the humanity. Cndido (2002, P.

77), says the funohumanizadora of literature, that is, on the capacity that it temde to confirm the humanity of the man. Confirma in the measure in quemostra histories based on the humanity. One another reply of it, o fact to ask for that the pupils write texts portraying suashistrias, that they will always have a little of imagination. As afirmCndido (2002, P. 81): Table 4 – Which the biggest difficulty that you find to paratrabalhar with the literary texts? Difficulties for literary trabalhartextos Suj The lack of taste for reading 1 50 the lack of time for you argue readings In accordance with the dosalunos lack of understanding when reading 50 literary texts 2 TOTAL 2 100 table 4, the encontradaspelos difficulties professors to if working the literary texts, are many, mainly related the pupils, who are pointed comculpados for almost all the problems. Citizen 1, considers comouma of the difficulties, the lack of the taste for the reading, that is a casopreocupante not only related to the literary texts, but to todasas you discipline Martins (2006, P. 95) regarding the taste pelaleitura says that: Ratificamos to be necessary to diversify asatividades directed to the reading, to stimulate the pupil to read without, necessarily, being evaluated, leaving to feel itself it exempts in escolhade its proper texts.

Federal Governments

It is important to review the age minimum to be a Council member, therefore 21 years it does not assure emotional experience and necessary experience for who wants to occupy a function of so high relevance, in the confrontation of delicate and complex problems. A flexibilizao how much to made use in article 54 interpolated proposition IV of the ECA is suggested that compels the State to offer to day-care center and daily pay-school to the zero children the six years of age. If to understand that the child just-born and throughout the first years necessary very of the presence of the mother, becomes essential that the Advice and Promoters make use of options to decide how much: ) If it is really necessary that the child is in the day-care center since just-born mother to work it or for another reason; b) If the child will be able to go for the day-care center as form of incentive to its development, considering itself it intellectual and social condition of the family, having then, alternatives how much gone and the permanence in the day-care center; c) Option how much to direct the child to a day-care center, considering itself that the familiar bonds do not have to be weakened, and the communitarian bonds need to be developed. The positions of Council members of Rights and To tutor must half be remunerated and in platforms and one and minimum wage not inferior; the resources for such remunerations and too much expenditures of the Advice will continue to be placed in the respective municipal budgets, being the resources repassed for the Governments Federal and State only for investments. The Advice of Rights and To tutor will be recriados by specific municipal laws and the city halls will assume obligation to adequately install them in proper headquarters, with all the indispensable furniture and equipment to its perfect functioning, also vehicle, telephone, device of fax and on computer to the Internet, with electronic address known and divulged. .

Constitution Educational

It is important to reflect on the school, its work, function and results. Results these, that to get itself are necessary to know what it wants to reach, to play its social role. This objective must be intellectual, but not only emotional and spiritual of the pupil. The school centered in the learning development must search ways to become pleasant the educational process something and to approach the resume of the social reality of the pupil. 2. THE PRACTICAL ONE OF THE RESUME IN THE FORMATION OF THE PROFESSORS The Brazilian Educational System is the form of as if it organizes the regular education in Brazil.

This organization if of the one in systems of education of the Union, the States, the Federal District and the Cities. The federal Constitution of 1988, with the Constitutional Emendation of number 14, 1996 and the Law of Lines of direction and Bases of Educao Nacional (LDB), instituted for the law: 9394, of 1996, are the laws biggest that regulate the current Brazilian educational system. The current structure of the regular educational system understands the basic education formed by the infantile education, basic and average education, and for the superior education. Average education is the stage end of the Basic Education. It has for purpose to prepare the young one to be a good citizen and for its professional future. The ticket for average Ensino is a time of challenges where the young is starting to change points of view, to assume responsibilities, choosing what they want professionally, if preparing for the adult life. The ticket for Average Ensino is a time of challenges, where the young is starting to change points of view, to assume responsibilities, choosing what they want professionally, if preparing for the adult life. Therefore, the necessary school to be not only a transmissora of contents programmarians, but an experience place, dialogue on this new position for I obtain and stops with the other.

Venezuelan President

This provoked the flight of investors and hurry bolivarians action before rumors that CANTV could be acquired by the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim. Among the stable shareholders of the company were the Spanish Telefonica and the American Verizon. Innumerable failures at the level of the service have already been and it seems that return to inefficiency is dormant due to lack of management, which is being disguised with the slogan that the phone is within reach of the sovereign. The Venezuelan President had pointed out in one of his speeches that tried to retake control of sectors strategic for any country, and put examples of communications, water, electricity, etc.. Everything that was privatized, nationalized. We recover the social property on the strategic means of production, added the Governor. Also took control of the four associations strategic of Pdvsa with transnational operating in the Orinoco oil Strip, topic already mentioned in previous articles, we discussed where the flight of corporations that were able to maintain the country as an axis of oil production globally.

This to accommodate oil corporations menial and without the necessary expertise, which will only come to suck something of the tanker feast that still remains, with the excuse that they are companies belonging to the ideological block that like the ruling (State or private Russian, Iranian, Belarusian, Argentine, Cuban and Brazilian Petrobras). The expropriation decision is already taken and now we will see that they they do these operators when appropriate to start the process of improving the crude from the Orinoco Belt, where draw the know-how and capital?, when we know that Russia confronts until problems to apply for international loans and not to mention Iran or Cuba. Will it put Venezuela capital and human resources? Have them really now, are not the expelled 20,000 oil workers without paying them their liquidation and their saving funds that kept inside the State?