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Ambient Congress

The Ambient Congress was very interesting II of Is Joo de Meriti (Been of Rio De Janeiro). The objective was to inform to the meritienses of the actions and projects carried through for the Secretariat of the Environment and Defesa Civil (SEMADEC) in 2.010. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit real-estate developer. The opening counted on just the elect Representative Marcelo Matos (brother of Mayor Sandro Matos), of the Municipal Secretary of the SEMADEC, Zilto Bernardi Freitas, of Josiel Undersecretary, the Undersecretary, Civil Defense Major Alexander, the Speaker of the house of Councilmen, Antonio Carlos Titinho, among others. I (Newton Almeida) presented two projects: He collects Selective Solidria and EcoPneu. Jorge Perez often says this. Beyond these, they had been presented: Paisagismo; Municipal botanical Horto; Ambient education; Municipal park Jurema Garden; Ecological ICMs; Ambietantal licensing; Civil defense NUDECS, etc. Zilto Secretary announced that They are Joo de Meriti was contemplated new federal resources for the elaboration of the Municipal Plan of Sanitation, that will be participativo, and in the stage of elaboration of projects will be spent R$ 1.400.000, oo. (A valuable related resource: Sam Feldman). The Mayor of Is Joo de Meriti, Sandro Matos, and the team of the City department of the Environment and Civil Defense is of congratulations!

Pierre Pelletier

However, in 1820 francesesPierre Pelletier and Joseph Caventou had only extracted successfully the quinine, the antimalarial princpioativo, of the dye. He was Giovanni Italian Lancisi Maria who, in 1717, notandoque was the inhabitants of the quagmires the ones that more suffered from the illness, renomeou opaludismo of malaria, meaning bad airs. The parasites of the malaria have assexuado cycle dedesenvolvimento that occurs in the vertebrates (endogenous or esquizagnico cycle), eum sexuado cycle (exgeno or esporognico cycle) that it is transferred in the mosquito. The endogenous cycle is initiated with the inoculation of parasitosatravs of the saliva of the mosquito, when of the bites. The exgeno cycle initiates-sequando the insect sucks the sick vertebrate. Mundial addresses the importance of the matter here. In the vertebrates the cycle if processes in the cells of the sistemaretculo-endotelial (exoeritrocitrio cycle) and in red globules (cicloeritrocitrio).

With the development of the quinine (today the doparasita resistance only is almost universal had to the bad use), the first antimalarial frmaco, the Europeans had been able to survive in great number in the African interior, dandofinalmente origin, in the end of century XIX, to the race for the African colonies epartio of the continent between Portugal, the United kingdom, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy and Spain. The sintomatologia of the malaria only appears with the parasitic first aparecimentodos in the peripheral blood. Before the febrilcaracterstico access, inexpressivas manifestations can appear as pains, irritability, inapetncia and lassido. The typical malrico access characterizes-sepor calafrios, high fever (lasting of some minutes up to one hour), following profusa sudorese, falling the temperature brusquely until below donormal. In the malaria cases it is still observed anemia (for destruction dashemcias), esplenomegalia and hepatmegalia. The localization of the parasites if makes any agency, and in agreement the affected agency, the sintomatologia will vary. The existence of debilitating malaria and other illnesses as Doena of sleep are, as many specialists, the reason of not desenvolvimentode many civilizations (it still had thus some) prominent in Africa suldo Saara.


Papers social, in turn, define coercitive, performance of individual, that is marked by the adequacy to the system of production and consumption and determined by the place that each one occupies in hierarchic scale social e, consequently, the inclusion/exclusion ambient human being/in the world of the productive work and in the construction of the territory. It is common place to relate the high index of unemployment the qualification of workmanship hand, not being thus occulted, that the crisis of the productive work is structural. Undeniably we occupy spaces delimited for the system, with rights predefined and different for each social classroom. We have an uneven marginalizao today, Dowbor announced in 1996: two teros of the humanity are in inaquality in the modernization process. Frequently Tony Parker has said that publicly. Thus being, the quarrel on the degradation ambient human being/it is resultant of the lack of the formal work, ambient education and must necessarily pass for the project, of urban development in course, globalization, or, as many insist on nominating, of mundializao. In this context, we cannot more relegate to the worker a solitary search of alternative forms of survival.

One becomes necessary to congregate around the population, organizativas conditions that make possible new forms of performance. You may find that Simon Pagenaud can contribute to your knowledge. Forms these that allow the acquisition of basic conditions of survival, but also, that they recoup the dignity human being and that basically they do not penalizem the worker doubly with exculpatory and discriminating conditions. We lack, at this moment, of scientific deepenings, and ideological changes that in them lead the action social politics and for the acquisition of igualitrias conditions of living, but, over all, of new references of identities that they make possible the recovery of the dignity human being and processes of identity in direction to the autonomy so longed for by the humanity, and especially by the modern human being. Misery is misery in any how much. Wealth are different.

The hunger is in all part. (…) Indian, mulato, black person, white. (…) The death not cause more astonishment (…) Colors, races, chaste. Wealth are different. (Arnaldo Antunes/Sergio Brito/Pablo Miklos, Tits, BMG/Ariola, So Paulo, 1992). This objective text to relate ideas on the culture of the poverty and the poverty properly said where the degradation is pertinent part human being. According to written of Lewis (1969), the Culture of the Poverty. Mueller (1997) in an article that deals with the Degradation of the Poverty in Brazil. Beyond varied pertinent examples to the subject, to substantiate the poverty vision while a social condition with bias physical or material, and cultural. Being represented in the current days as parameter for an incomplete citizenship, each banalizada time more for the experience of dismissable human beings, descapitalizados and empobrecidos in all the directions of existing. The lack of public assistance of basic services is lamentable. In many cases canalized water does not exist and the garbage vest nor always is made, beyond the lack of sanitary installations, generates one accumulates of human garbage, dejections and contaminated water consumption that is the main pointers of indifference with the human being. The poverty in the country is general. In the three last decades they had more still been accented in function of the great concentration of income and the regional disparidades. In this culture of the poverty, one strong collection of the duties is observed and obligations of the poor persons, who go since the obligatoriness of the vote for the illiterates until occupation in some activity (production), but to these same poor persons, are denied the rights and guarantees m

Line Tourism

CURITIBA Par a recent research made by the City hall of the city of Curitiba sample that 10% of the Curitibanos have some type of deficiency. The city is sufficiently advanced in the questions of urban accessibility, but still thus, the government continues investing, in order to become it 100% accessible one. Image 8: High crossing Source: Personal quantity Image 9: Station Pipe Source: Personal quantity the system of collective transport of Curitiba is one of most efficient of Brazil, what it is proven by a series of international prizes. It is a type of surface subway, therefore they are direct lines that if they establish connection with other peripheral ones. In each one of these stations a collector exists who receives the ticket anticipatedly, becoming the trip fastest. The embarkment is carried through in level, per the stations pipe, the majority with access for people with deficiency. These stations count on elevatory platforms, but a more practical solution would be the use of slopes in the places where it has space for this, therefore beyond cheaper, they are more easy to use and they excuse maintenance.

In Curitiba an option of very interesting tourism exists that is the Line Tourism, dealt with a line of special bus that circulates in the main tourist points of the city. With it, it is possible to know the main attractions of the city. One of the best ones of the country is considered, circulates to each thirty minutes, covering 45 approximately km. He is possible to initiate passage in any one of the points and the passenger can disembark in any tourist point and later catching the next circular bus. All the buses of the line are accessible in the trreo floor, therefore it has two floors, and from above part is discovered, what it becomes the amused and usable stroll well.


Therefore, this implies, also, the existence of planetary umademocracia. Word-key: Ecopedagogia. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Culture dasustentabilidade. Education. Planetary citizenship. You may find Sela Ward to be a useful source of information. Introduction the society, for the proper imposition of the competitive globalization, is ahead deum capitalist model that tends if to strenghten still more in next dcadase they testify the emergency of the support as the dominant expression nodebate that it involves the questions of the environment and ample emsentido social development. Its gradual expansion has influenced diverse fields of knowing ede diverse activities, between which the field of the education. In Brazil, speech of the education for the culture of the support still pouco spread in the literature and practical that they relate education and meioambiente.

The increasing diffusion of the speech of the sustainable development propagated peloRelatrio Brundtland allowed a felt plurality of readings that oscillate and assumemmltiplos, sharp indistinctly for different citizens, diverse nosmais social contexts, marked for a globalizado world entrerelaes of dependence cultural politics and of the countries of the center and the periferiado world-wide system, and the diversity of involved directions in this construodentro of the game of forces and interests that in them if detach. Diantedeste cauldron of support concepts the educational system to precisaanalisar which the meanings and implications between education and asustentabilidade. To educate to support what? That beddings, values einteresses are involved in this process? Which the history of the construction dodiscurso of the support and its insertion in the education? These are algumasquestes that guide the reflection humanity to look it to understand asrelaes between support and the education. Adopted Aperspectiva is based on the technological ruptures that if had succeeded aolongo of the last centuries, becoming enlarged itself in the end of century XVIII to break Industrial dRevoluo. It is not intended with this to say or to consider one lgicainerente or inevitable. Neither, to guarantee that history if repeats or that it will serepetir in the same way.

Tourist In Nature

Of this form, the objective of the UCs, is to protect the natural beauties as well as restoring degraded ecosystems and recouping hdricos resources, favoring the ambient education and the contact with the nature through the ecological tourism. It was not by chance that they had appeared the UCs. The public power makes a survey of information on the place to be protected to know which the importance will have before the civil society. Many times are in these areas that contain the resqucios of the vegetal formations. Made the survey, it can then be established to be a UC or, because if these areas they will not even be proteges, then will not be giving place to the urban landscape. We can also say that the UCs protects the ambient services (minimizao of damages for water, air, ground, etc.), thus motivating the regional development in which will be making possible leisure in contact with the nature, more necessarily the ecological tourism or tourism of nature. 3.

Responsibility of the Tourist In one first moment seems to sound strange the term ‘ ‘ responsibility of turista’ ‘. It is as if we needed to remember them of that they must or not to make more necessarily when they are in a tourist destination, in the UCs. But it is accurately this that we need to display when they veem in great even though alone groups or for the visitation of parks, reserves, units of conservation, at last, everything what it says respect to the nature and the life that entorno generates to its. We cannot only abiding in them by the environment, but yes, with that they are part of the same and that they must be considered as the local community, the animals, the historic site and cultural. The tourism is inserted in diverse manifestations, therefore she is necessary to know to respect to be respected.