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Muse Musical

Musicians at the festival – this phenomenon has its historical character, as well as the phenomenon of music itself. Since ancient times, the invention of the first, primitive musical instruments, music accompanies people everywhere. In joy or sadness, the human mind wants to find a reflection of the emotions in the music … In the historical context of the development of music is inseparable from the active development of sensory abilities – the course of human exploration of the auditory musical material in a changing cultural environment is the most fundamental level of musical history. At the time of Bach and Handel music perception, as well as the world in general, significantly different from our (think medieval view of humanity to the cosmic or natural phenomena). But then there was the so-called secular music …

And in those times, as now, the band played dance music at parties and balls.))) What attracts us to this kind of creativity? … about the art of music is referred to as "the most sensual of arts." Poetry or painting, for example, it is impossible to perceive level of physiological reactions, the music can not only be perceived, but played without the inclusion of the intellect, and the horizon of such a hearing and making music is quite broad (disabling meditative practice rational thinking through certain chants, dancing in a disco song of patients with speech disorders and logical unit). Neurophysiological effects of music have long been used in medicine. The acuteness of perception of music is directly linked to human condition, its location and course of time. According to the tradition that goes from ancient times, music recognize most generalized, abstract art – art equivalent of philosophy and mathematics. Cardinal Nicholas of Cusa Renaissance saw a music creation tool of the universe.

A special aspect of the specificity of music – the ratio of its temporal nature (any musical phenomenon exists as an irreversible sequence of intonation and intonational systems) and artistic and conceptual integrity. Music (from the Greek. – Muse) – an art form, artistic material which is sound, specially organized in time. Now, like hundreds of years ago, without the music does not do hardly any celebration. Sounds a 'live' band or a radio, a warm home environment or in the concert hall, the music makes your mood, the atmosphere …

Elena Voynarovsky

Fleur group was formed in winter 2000 Olga Pulatova vocals), piano, song writer and Elena Voynarovsky songwriter, vocals), guitar. The group also includes flutist Julia Ground in March. According to the autobiography Olga Pulatova “Convergence”, directly to Julia Ground invented the name Fleur. Olga writes: “I once had the cracked wooden casket, which concealed some mystery, the smell of time.” First concert the group gave on March 17 under the “atmosphere” in the Odessa home of the actor in the above composition. By gruppedalee in 2000 and 2001, joined Alex Tkachevsky (drums), Alex Dougal (keyboards), Catherine Serbin (Cello, Vitaly Didyk (bass).’s First album was announced by the group in 2002 on French label Prikosnovenie and called Soft Touch, in English translated the name of the disc, lyrics on the album done in Russian Month. later released Ukrainian edition of the album, called for so as it was intended by the authors

“The Touch”. Currently published 5 official albums Fleur. The songs on the official release, other than “All spun out of control” located in accordance with the unwritten principle: even writes and performs songs of pianist Olga Pulatova, odd – guitarist Elena Voynarovsky. And on the penultimate album on the contrary: the odd song – Olga Pulatova, and even – Elena Voynarovsky. Track from the album “Everything spiraled out of control” “Silkworm” hit the charts Chart dozen and even reached the first place. At the first ceremony music awards “Chart Dozen “team received the prize for” Breaking chart “in the category ‘new band in 2007.”.