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Three Hours Of Entertaining Enjoyment: Musical Gala In Luenen

At the invitation of the clubs and the lip Pro Luenen friends went on Saturday a splendid musical journey with delicacies from opera, operetta, musicals and film music on the stage decorated with cherry trees of the well-filled Heinz-Hilpert-Theater in Luenen. Moderator Gwen Herman recalled in the welcome fact that this theater in the next year celebrates its fiftieth birthday. The atmosphere and the possibilities of the house must be given to citizens and leaders and the public takes an artistically valuable program to you. The well-known television presenter Gwen Herman from Cologne led with wit and charm through the program and let it be decided to have to swing in the big ensemble scenes from the bat and Countess Maritza, the vocal cords. In general, this evening was for the guests from Bochum and Dortmund, a very special: How directly and emotionally are excerpts from famous musical works do only very rarely. The first classArtists who would otherwise act on the big stage, brought the audience at the Heinz-Hilpert-Theater to romp. They gave a large area and moved the audience. As the organizer, the soprano soloist Miriam Portmann, the baritone Alexander Trauner could win the tenors Michael and Wolfgang Suttner Gratschmaier, the principal harpist Verena Volkmer, Luenen the Salon Orchestra under the baton of conductor Michael Rotkegel and the Professor Reinhard Schmidt. The evening offered a three-hour program, which may have lasted for assessment of the audience but only one hours, because the achievements were formidable and highly entertaining performed. The evening was themed “Martha, Martha …”. The aim was not primarily about the song of Lyonel from Friedrich von Flotow’s opera Martha game, which the lyric tenor Michael Suttner vociferous presented with the necessary portion of the enamel and sweetness. Instead, Martha is a solar-powered excursion boat that is to finally go on the lip. But the “environment” so far makesThis project, to the chagrin of the residents of Luenen and especially the visitors of the concert thwart the bill. Gwen Herman were also concerns that Luenen was a Hanseatic city. His dedication to the project, he made a “slip of the tongue” clear: “If even one soldier on lip beach”. This was great Operettenarie from Lehar’s Alexis Michael Suttner, who is engaged at the Staatstheater am Grtnerplatz in Munich, a real Tauberton. With grandeur, melancholy and verve of the best known from television Ritter offered the High C this aria for the best and enthusiastic audiences. The excellent harpist Verena Volkmer from Berlin made with the Fantasy Opus 95 by Camille Saint-Saens great impression. She presented the harp, which otherwise threatens to drown the orchestra is often almost as romantic, lyrical solo instrument of great sonority and musical possibilities. Bravo deserves it especially for the captivating interpretation of the title tune of the movie love story. Their tone is simply happy. Afterhis appearance at the Heinz-Hilpert-Theater, it is not difficult to predict the baritone Alexander Trauner a brilliant career in the world. With a supple voice, he sang his operetta Parts and showed dramatic force in the entrance song of Escamillo in Bizet’s opera Carmen. A special voice matures! Completely the lyric soprano Miriam Portmann convinced in the great songs and arias from operettas by Lehar, Johann Strauss, Knneke and left. In Micaela’s Aria “Here in the canyon” from Bizet’s Carmen was why the soprano on the opera stage in German-speaking home. Her voice sits perfectly and it leads them smoothly through the layers. No vibrato, and also interferes with the dramatic outbreak succeeds, seemingly without effort. Miriam Portmann moved the audience with their vocal and thespian performance equally. The star of the evening was the famous tenor Wolfgang Gratschmaier, who had come from the Vienna Volksoper to Lnen to entertain the audience as an outstanding singer-performers. It combines the qualities of aSinger with whom an actor. His voice has power and wealth and makes listening a pleasure. A more than reliable companion was the Salon Orchestra under the baton of Michael Luenen Rothkegel and the upstart conductor Professor Reinhard Schmidt. Here are a musician sitting at the Steinway grand piano, the singers sensitively with stunning stop to drive high performance. The Radetzky March an inspiring concert, the Association for words of William pitcher, first chairman of the lip Friends ended, a sequel is.


\”The cult series\”Cheers\”and\”Frasier\”go in the fourth round and appear the 08.04 at paramount home entertainment on DVD Hamburg (March 22, 2010) – the iconic Boston pub round gets a celebrity visit: Star Trek-star Kate Mulgrew is the honor of the\”cheers\”Welcome to Boston’s most iconic pub: here womanizer and ex-professional athlete Sam gather Mayday\” Malone as owner, the two waitresses Diane and Carla, who can not stand up, and is a mixed bag of beer master-guests. The unemployed accountant belong to fine district under another standard, the whole pub occur with a Noooorm are the,\”welcomes the nerve-numbing postman Cliff Calvin who will live up to the end of life with his mother, and the snooty psychiatrist Dr. Frasier Crane, who should even be on the couch. Eleven years duration, the legendary characters and sayings, as well as numerous awards, was one of the most successful series of the US television cheers. The new bartender Woodrow Tiberius Woody are the highlights of the season four Boyd, the first appearance of Frasiers of possession poignant colleague Dr. Lillith origins, for which she received an Emmy, and the guest star Kate Mulgrew alias Captain Janeway from STAR TREK: VOYAGER. We are all ears: Dr.

Frasier and family on the couch Dr. Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammer) granted to eloquently advice to his fellow men. It’s also his job as a psychologist and hosted of a highly successful radio show that he always starts with the legendary record: I am all ear season 4 but clearly shows that he and his environment require actually even psychological counseling. When Frasier and Niles think the diary of her mother into the hands of the brothers learn this much about their own small and large sticks: Niles is already a lifetime of women can be suppressed and Frasier shy away from physical contact with other people. Niles is the analysis of his mother immediately right, he has an embarrassingly humble Jammer letter to ex-wife of Maris written but just, you may please go back.