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In particular this applies to the cost of repairs. How to execute documents for repairs? What is the procedure for accounting work performed by contractors? These and other issues often arise in Accountants hotels. Accountant must surely qualify these works. Will depend on financial and tax accounting for such costs. In practice, the tax authorities in case of spot-check is not overlook such cost items as the repair work. Therefore, the accountant must know what he will guide us in the case of the presentation to him of claims from tax authorities.

In modern conditions the majority of hotel primary source of income from sale of residence are not 'off the rack', as it was a few years ago, and from the provision of hotel services under the contract. At the same time as buyers emerge as tour operators and companies that contract for accommodation of tourist groups and their employees, respectively. And in fact, and in another case the hotel provides payments to the person who contracted, ie legal entity. Although the contract for hotel services and is considered a public contract in accordance with Article 426 of the Civil Code (hereinafter – Civil Code), this rule applies only to the calculations hotels with physical persons. In the calculations of the hotel with the organizations subject to the provisions of Chapter 39 'paid services' of the Civil Code. As practice shows, the terms of such agreements do not always comply with legal requirements or contain the 'pitfalls' is not dangerous to the execution of their obligations to the hotel guests, but because of the presence in them of accounting and tax risks.

Strip Condos

In Las Vegas, everyone knows about the Strip and the casinos and hotels etc. There are also a large number of luxury that are in construction or that have already been built. is a blossoming field.

Rioja City

You can also arrive from Tucuman, Catamarca and La Rioja through domestic routes and provincial (38, 27, 28, 29, 141, and 20). The trip by bus is comfortable, economical and extremely interesting. But the location of Mendoza offers you optimal opportunities since it will be feasible to do adventure tourism to have a spectacular vision when you fly over the city for thirty minutes in paragliding with an impressive 50% discount on Kahuak. Thus you joined emotions unfit for heart with the incomparable view of Mendoza and the Parque General San Martin, taking off from the Arch Hill, 15 minutes from the city, with a height of 164 metres. But don’t end there tempting possibilities of tourism in Mendoza with given Kahuak that more can enjoy multiple offerings of mountain tourism in their various disciplines such as: horseback riding, trekking, abseiling, rafting, canopy and off Road. Another exclusive option is the wines and wineries, tour with a visit to the vineyards most exclusive and specialized Mendoza, cradle of the best Malbec in the world and in particular I recommend the wineries of Carmelo Patti and Belasco de Baquedano and end may culminate it with the delicacies of the banquet in the cellar Cano, where you will also find the harmonic expression of a beautiful place that with intelligence, good taste and excellent approach has taken advantage of history and delicate flavors to make us enjoy with all your senses. You can also combine the City Tour with the high mountain that includes a tour of the Mendoza River, omnibus wine South and the Atuel Canyon and San Rafael.

And to do all this can stay in the own city of Mendoza in hotels two stars of reasonable prices until the most exclusive Inns in Chacras de Coria. Finally, if you want to save an unsurpassed memories of an odd place, such as Mendoza, search Kahuak where we guarantee economic travel deals to Mendoza in collectives. Visit us and you will make this visit to Mendoza a next trip home. If you found this article interesting, share it on your website. You can post it on your blog or send it by mail.