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A bar and a shop close very soon. Day May 11, 2008 I left and I finished in Burgos Ages _Albergue Divina Pastora, Lain Calvo, 10, Tlfno: 947 207 952 – very small (18 seats) and with no service (no room or place to hang clothes) has the advantage living in the heart of Burgos and a hundred meters from the Cathedral and the chats and dining area. Day 20 008 May 12 I left and I finished in Hontanas Burgos-Inn Hostel The Point, The Church, 8, Tlfno: 947 378 597 – Great, one of the best hostels on the way, do not know if there are shops in the town and not You need to have it all in the hostel. Day May 13, 2008 I left and I finished in Fromista Hontanas-Fromista Hostel, Plaza San Martin, Tlfno: 979 810 957 – totally innocuous, does not deserve any comment. In the town there are bars, shops and restaurants. Day May 14, 2008 I left and I finished Fromista in Carrion de los Condes-Spirit Hostel, Plaza San Juan, 4, Tlfno: 979 880 052 "Great, the nuns are divine in the cleaning and care of a huge hostel, with a large patio, drying protected from rain and dining room. The village has everything and the nicest people you can find on the road. Day May 15, 2008 I left Carrion de los Condes and I finished in Sahagun viatoris Hostel, Arch Crossing, 25, Tlfno: 987 780 975 – Hostel again, freezes you in the dorms, the showers leave bad taste in the mouth but are clean, the drying are scarce and no service to the fore.

Paul Mc Cartney

I confess we cried all for our murdered laughter. We feel that horrible mixture of deep pain while we smiled with Jaime Garzon jokes played by newscasts that night. We could not contain the tears while we heard the revolutionary harangues of John Lenin, who, with his raw backpack and your mamertas phrases of the 1960s and 1970s, made us reflect on our past University, but, first and foremost, on the monstrous inequality in Colombia. Crying then joined with the smile and so we stayed there during that grim day in which killed our joy. We found no answers.

Even we asked us questions because for what? Us not liberated the TV and radio not so much to still hear speculation about his assassins or the bloody details of the most disproportionate work of our hired killers, but to prolong the joy of hearing his great notes. This Friday the 13th we had no choice but to suffer with hopelessness. He consoled only Dioselina with your recipes always and his gossip palatial flavored with melancholy. We draw strength only of the funny stories of Nestor Eli on the reasons for the extreme deterioration of the building Colombia and their forced statements through the shade. Linio, perfect idiot Latin American, as it was called, in addition to Geoffrey and the formidable humanitarian work of Garzon taught us clearly which side was.

The man was on the side of good, for the peaceful, which took the present by a rumba, the of extreme Center, of the spontaneous, of the great, who thought that only makes this country lack cry less and laugh more man made the mamagallismo a school, a way of life, a weapon to massacre the violence. The man dominated ingenuity and put it at the service of all those people who sought to assist them in freeing their hostages. She didn’t have children in this society of death, but had all three of the Tuti. Heriberto de la Calle dignifico to that character that until then was despised, inatendido and despised: the plunger or shoe shine. Their traditional words (uncouth say ladies) were the same as the people would use if they give him the papayaso of embolar daily to the most exalted. His irreverence was a requirement of the viewers. He had permission to everyone to say what we thought but he dared to say than anyone else. Left two virtual children, John Wilson and Cindy Lady, whose existence invented, perhaps, in the last interview he gave for the program I, Jose Gabriel, and which will continue representing, without a doubt, 80% of Colombian children. Nobody else can never replace Jaime Garzon. Neither in his profession as a professional mamagallismo, the journalist nor in the of mediator secret in the peace process, or the humanitarian intermediary for the release of retained by the guerrillas. Fulfilled you the lyrics of your favorite song: I want to die I uniquely, I want a goodbye of Carnival but, also, that I swear that promise no mori, which He gave one of the few interviews he granted to television and in which cited with deep conviction to Paul Mc Cartney, remain forever in all our souls as an irrefutable truth.