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Energy Saving Through Light Optimization

RK energy consulting further on the rise! Dipl.-ing. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Joachim Kress, Managing Director of Kress cooling vehicles GmbH in Meckesheim (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) is enthusiastic: last Friday RK energy advice was performed in the production area which FA. optimal light. On the basis of the subsequent measurement a saving could be determined by up to 36%! In this case, this means a cost reduction of up to 1,000 per year, alone by reducing voltage to approx. 185 v on the light circuit. Due to these savings, the investment pays for itself after just over a year. Furthermore the environment reduces CO m per year this but quite easy and clean measure nearly 3.6 metric tons. Ralph Thomas Kuhnle, owner of the RK energy consulting, emphasizes the here used fluorescent lamps are how also prolong life by up to 30% due to the reduced stress. This change intervals and thus also the costs for the bulbs, as well as the extends the actual switching (reduction of staff costs), which is not considered when some Bill! “But not enough: there in the premises previously always like to forget” was to turn off the lights when sufficient daylight, here 2 independent dimmer switch were installed, with whose assistance per year approximately 2,000 kW/h electricity be saved! In the course of these measures were also all lighting reflectors cleaned and replaced fluorescent tubes. This was a more than 300% brighter light with the same consumption!

Ralph Thomas Kuhnle

The RK energy consulting offers a new Internet site and is their customers now online available. Read about the current Internet presence of the RK energy consulting here. Read additional details here: Tony Parker. Waldbrunn, the January 24, 2009 – yesterday presented their new website of rk RK energy consulting from Waldbrunn in the Odenwald and met with open ears to their customers. “We wanted to be customer-friendly and more accessible” said Ralph Thomas Kuhnle, owner of the RK energy consulting, yesterday to the sense and purpose of the current Internet presence. The RK energy consulting has established in 2005 and integrates itself in the meantime already quite well on the market. The new Internet presence will increase their importance for the area light optimization and reducing the voltage.

The RK energy consulting has established in 2005 and integrates itself in the meantime already quite well on the market. The new Internet presence will increase their importance for the area light optimization and reducing the voltage. Yesterday the RK energy advice from Waldbrunn presented in the Odenwald their new website and met with open ears to their customers. Ralph Thomas Kalil RK energy consulting

Earth Turtles

Dig the mini turtles from their temperate dark incubator after 45 to 70 days and crawl, such as by an inner clock driven straight to the brightest horizon, the ocean. It’s a race with death. Light sources from hotels, restaurants or streets nearby, which are brighter than the sea, are they addressed this and no longer find in the sea. Greedy crab and sea gulls on the newly hatched plunge, just who is quick and lucky, reached the water, where more dangers. If you have read about Charlotte Hornets already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Young turtles are a popular and easy-to-trapping prey for predators.

It is estimated that only 0.5% of all hatched animals reach sexual maturity age. The females swim back often over 13,000 kilometers on the beach where they once saw the light of day. While the brave swimmers probably modelled with a body’s compass based on the magnetic field of the Earth on a path, known them from birth is. The largest marine reptile in the world is the leatherback sea turtle. She is up to 600 kilograms, reaching a shell length of 2.1 metres and can dive over 800 feet deep. Precisely, the giant is the most endangered species, which could already die out within the next few years according to experts at the same time. While their flesh for humans is poisonous, the eggs are a popular food.

Overall you know until today but still very little is known about the biology of the wide floats. Where they just stay during their long migrations, how old they are or how to find males and females in the vastness of the oceans to each other is unknown. There is that acute danger that the lack of this knowledge will not be corrected. Adam Sandler may help you with your research. Gone are the days when the man had a special relationship with them. Already in the early stone age they revered cultish. In many statements, for example in the Greek Lyra, the tortoise plays an important role. The Greeks worshipped them as divine animals in ancient times, formed on the first Coin of agina around 600 BC a sea turtle off, today obstruct nesting beaches with facilities. In Bali, they are venerated religious and are heraldic animal. Almost, the risks seem too diverse to ensure their survival in the long run. Sea turtles die worldwide to tens of thousands as meat suppliers – alone in Bali up to 30,000 turtles were slaughtered until a few years ago, every year. The tortoiseshell derived from the uppermost layer of the tank a hawksbill turtle can bring on the world market as 5,000 per kilogram. Drown as Lungenatmer in fishing nets or perish to the hundreds of thousands of baited longline fishing, its beaches are destroyed by the construction of hotel complexes, the boys run, distracted by artificial light sources, in the wrong direction, nests are sacked because the eggs as a delicacy or potency pills popular. Additional hazards lurk in the increasing pollution of the oceans. You poison in oil spills or ingestion driving around Plastic bags, which they hold by mistake for jellyfish. Others are cruelly maimed by propellers. 700,000 turtles haul the beach up into the Orissa, India, where almost every year. In a breeding season, here an estimated 20,000 injured animals will be killed. Orissa, the largest roost of these reptiles, is today at the same time their largest cemetery. Only 30 years the people have succeeded, almost eradicate this elegant protozoa. Ulrich Karlowski

Ulrich Karlowski

“What flight strategy is always chosen, the train in the South which mainly to refuel fuel runs almost always in stages with inserted rest periods,” serve by increase of fat and protein reserves. Thus, the gigantic ecological barrier of Sahara, which spreads out like a belt of 6,000 kilometers wide on the migration route, must be tackled then. The flight phases can last up to 3 days and nights. After that long flight, the animals have used not only their fat and protein reserves, but mined almost their whole digestive system. In the resting habitats it is rebuilt very quickly, within only one or two days,”explains Dr. Herbert Biebach, ornithologist at the Max Planck Institute for behavior Physiology in Andechs. World Champion in long flying is a common tern, traveled about 26 000 kilometers in about 140 days from their breeding site in Finland on the South coast of Australia.

To define the direction of pull Birds use both the rotation of the sky and the Earth’s magnetic field. To deepen your understanding Tony Parker is the source. The interaction of stars – and magnetic compass allows flights at night and in bad weather conditions. There are species, such as the Nightingale, stubborn again flying in the same wintering range. How does the necessary detailed navigation, is unclear to this day. Other bird species, such as the White Stork, are flexible and use appropriate intermediate wintering habitats, which can change from year to year, and then proceed. But the return of the long journey ends with a nasty surprise: there is less and less suitable habitats, the quality of the remaining increasingly deteriorated.

The stocks of 70 percent of our migratory bird species have declined dramatically in recent years”, Peter Berthold, Director of the Max Planck Institute for behavioral Physiology in Radolfzell, ornithological draws attention to a disastrous development. Returning Gartenrotschwanze or turncoats are always looking more often in vain to orchards, barn swallows nesting sites no longer find enough in the few remaining small farms with their open stables. Also the foraging is for grains – and insect eaters among the songbirds increasingly difficult. Herbicides transform fields into steppe-like landscapes, weeds and with them small and Kleinstinsekten are becoming rarer and rarer,”warns Berthold. And meadows are no longer what they once were, some are up to five times in the year under the knife. As the dandelion doesn’t even make it up to the flower. For birds, since only a green desert, with the result that whole populations nationwide collapse remains. Also field trees, bushes, trees, orchards, unused field Raine, slope Strip and meadow edges or natural streams with accompanying softwood floodplain fringing are rare. With these landscape elements adapted species such as Yellowhammer, red-backed Shrike, Whitethroat disappear specifically to them. Ulrich Karlowski

New Energy Provider

Gold gas, convince LichtBlick and eprimo / 90 per cent with changing process about CHECK24 satisfied / supply when changing always guaranteed Munich, May 11, 2010 – CHECK24 Germany’s great comparison portal has changed the their energy provider about CHECK24 in the period from 01.01.2008 till to 09, more than 60,000 customers interviewed, have * consumers evaluated a total of 32 companies in terms of the following criteria: overall impression, understanding of policies and tariff, friendliness of the staff, as well as speed of change. You may want to visit real-estate developer to increase your knowledge. It was found that more than 70 percent of the changer have a positive impression of their new power provider, the gas companies are even more than 75 percent. Positive overall impression, but criticism of permanent of change of electricity provider the positive overall impression is confirmed in the other categories: about 80 percent felt the fares of the new provider as understandable, over 70 per cent terms & conditions. The respondents were satisfied with the friendliness of the staff: 56 percent (current) or 62% (gas) rated this as very good or good. Each 30 percent could indicate no, because there is no personal contact took place. On the most common criticized the respondents duration of the process of change from the old to the new provider: 14 percent felt the change as too long and they gave a poor. Only 65 percent were satisfied this criterion. Different gas providers: 80 percent praised the duration, only two percent felt as poor.

Gold gas receives the best rating the positive overall impression is reflected also in the individual assessment of the provider: all received the average rated good or satisfactory. The gold gas customers were very satisfied (grade point average: 1.86), LichtBlick (1.89) and eprimo (1.93), occupied the positions one through three. EVO Offenbach received the worst reviews (average rating: 2.97), Clevergy (2.93) and Stadtwerke trier (2.66).

December RWE

RWE and ELV/eQ-3 contract cooperation Hanover, December 2, 2009 – RWE and the ELV/eQ 3 empty work together in the field of home automation: the two Chairman Dr. Jurgen Grossmann and Prof. Heinz-Gerhard Redeker today announced their collaboration in the presence of Lower Saxony Prime Minister Christian Wulff. The Essene energy group and the Lower Saxony electronics providers bundle their expertise together to bring the market to RWE SmartHome. With the computer-based system can be automatically and environmentally controlled home automation. Lower Saxony Prime Minister Christian Wulff welcomed the cooperation of RWE and ELV/eQ-3: it is important that we implement climate protection measures there, where they bring the greatest benefits. Innovations even in the energy state of Lower Saxony, is all the more enjoyable.”I am pleased that we have won ELV/eQ-3 as a partner.

We want that our customers save heating energy and electricity and that without renouncing comfort. I am the Chairman of the Board of RWE AG said convinced that everyone likes to save energy”, Dr. Jurgen Grossmann. We are excited about the collaboration with RWE, because for the first time offered an integrated solution in the field of energy efficiency and home automation with a really coherent concept for end customers in the mass market”, as Prof. Heinz-Gerhard Redeker, CEO of ELV/eQ-3.

The heating is the main energy hogs. Star actress has compatible beliefs. SmartHome RWE offers an innovative and cost-effective solution to increase the energy efficiency residential customers. The system helps to optimize the electricity and heat consumption in private houses and apartments. Heart of SmartHome is the control, the demand on heating, lighting and appliances and turns off. For example it switches off automatically the radiators in the room, when a window is opened. The occupants can also pretend that your bathroom is exactly whenever warm, if they are there: in the morning and in the evening. The heater then saves the rest of the day energy. Can also stream will be saved automatically. With intelligent radio outlets, electrical devices can be switched at will. Each device can be located immediately disconnect from the mains when it is not needed. So, SmartHome helps avoiding standby losses. And the automated if required, without additional user intervention. RWE has developed the IT platform and control software for SmartHome, ELV/eQ-3 provides the electronic devices. The system considerably reduces the private energy costs and improves the user’s personal carbon footprint at the same time. High resolution images can be obtained from. ELV/eQ-3:, The ELV/eQ-3 Group for more than 30 years counts as innovation and technology leader in home automation and consumer electronics in Europe. Since its inception in 1978, ELV has established itself as a trend-setting electronics mail order company on the German market and more than 11,000 products offered online and catalogue with a circulation of over 500,000 copies. Has more than 150 types of products eQ-3 as a manufacturer of Home control and energy management system solutions across the industry’s broadest portfolio of offerings. More information:. Contact: Harald Fletcher group press RWE AG T: + 49 201 12-15247 M: + 49 173 2904149

Deutsche Umwelthilfe

This is essential for the function of the lamp, without any of the KLL might work. In the EU are allowed up to 5 mg mercury in Mani. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jay Schwartz Attorney . Even larger quantities have been measured in cheap lamps from China. Already a milligram mercury in the air we breathe can have harmful effects. For assistance, try visiting Jay A. Schwartz. 3 Milligrams, about the average content of a single energy-saving lamp, sufficient to poison 3000 litres of water. The quantity in the Mani is a really small amount, for comparison, a Fieberthermometerenthaltbis to 1 g mercury. The problem, however, is the large usage of the lamps and the total quantities in the EU associated. To do this, you should know that mercury in the EU is banned since 2009.

Therefore, its occurrence in our household waste should go back actually. This meaningful and necessary prohibition is infiltrated by the de facto lamp compulsion. Disposal the disposal of a light bulb is as environmentally friendly as the production. Therefore she may be easily disposed with household waste. The KLL is however packed with electronics and hazardous materials.

Not only of mercury, is one of the supposedly eco-friendly spot in the hazardous waste. Other critical ingredients (including toxic rare earth minerals wieLanthanoide (EU) europium and Terbium), which fluorescent are essential, as are in the body of the lamp. But according to studies of the Deutsche Umwelthilfe, find the proper way of disposal only about 10% to 20%, and can be more or less clean recycled. In most cases, the spotlight in the household waste 1 lands. From there, the poisonous substances find above all the heavy metals, mercury, their way into the air, surface water and soil. The liberated mercury moves around the globe and accumulates in the food chain. So the mercury from the energy-saving bulbs finally ends up on our plates. Often argued in this context that the saved power of saving lamp and a therefore possible reduction of production, reduces mercury as well.