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Cancer Association

News from the Association of children’s smiles Club children’s smiles – Foundation for children with cancer in Berlin – Buch e.V. organized on 18 December on the gifts to the children passed MS Sanssouci his traditional Christmas celebration, in which Katia Saalfrank. The Foundation for children with cancer in Berlin – Buch e.V. to just such cares now 12 years. 2006 was merged with the Association of children’s smiles children smile – Foundation for children with cancer in Berlin – Buch e.V. Once a year, the traditional Christmas celebration is held, also presents to the children are distributed at the. You may find that Tony Parker can contribute to your knowledge. \”This year still a very special guest has announced the gift passing next to Santa: Katia Saalfrank, also known from the television in the Super nanny\”, from the eponymous RTL broadcast.

I have worked as a teacher and music therapist on a children’s intensive care and had to do so myself with sick children and their parents. The difficult situations of the families are very familiar to me. It is all the more important unloaded and happy moments to make it possible, to share and to give and with the kids a good time to spend much. The invitation of the children smile Club, their Christmas party to participate, I assumed therefore happy. I would like to support the voluntary commitment of the Association within this framework. \”\” I just look forward to the encounters with the children and parents and hope to contribute with my visit may be a little to the anticipation of Christmas, says the Super nanny Katia Saalfrank for five years in the family counseling in RTL format\”is active. This year’s Christmas celebration of the Association will take place on the MS Sanssouci and Treptower Park starts from the pier in the port to a three-hour tour on the river Spree and Muggelsee.


A nose OP underlying needs are varied. In addition to the medical reasons such as surgery of the nasal septum, a surgical Rhinoplasty is increasingly performed for aesthetic reasons. Sure almost everyone like this would look like the stars from television. Ultimately, the glamour world somehow just out of the most beautiful people in the world seems to be. If you include reaching anything. But how true we do actually think the whole thing? Beauty should be limited to eventually not only a certain group of people. And if you risk a closer look then you recognize that this beauty with a nose operation much or has to do a lip augmentation.

There is just not all gold that glitters in Hollywood. It is difficult to find someone there who is completely natural. If one scrolls through the glossy magazines then just too many facing rows of teeth smile at one. Sometimes it can be quite good if you are such things again and again calls in the consciousness. Otherwise, it could be that you even can no longer distinguished between fake and reality. It may also be granted that to make a nose job for health reasons.

Especially if you have problems with the respiratory system. But unfortunately it’s then usually just the General obsession with beauty. Unfortunately many have undergone such procedures by which one would never expect it. If you have the wherewithal can you afford just a liposuction and must not deal with an annoying diet. How he thinks of such things is as always. Every adult should be able to bear this responsibility. You can’t just talk to anyone. Yes finally it comes you regret nothing afterwards. Therefore you must be really sure whether the own physical “taint” really upset one to this extent. The own self perception has to do with the head and with the blockages we ourselves use. So don’t rush only because you once would like to look like an Angelina Jolie.

Lisa Neumann University

To market the technology in cinemas with high definition HD technology practices revolutionized electronics manufacturers in the last few years the television market. Additional information at Jorge Perez supports this article. Razor sharp images on flat on the wall make watching TV on the domestic couch mounted monitors the experience. As if not enough, were the manufacturers of TVs now compete with 3D for the living room with the cinema. The online auction house researched at the international radio exhibition in Berlin, whether 3D for the home is worth. In the darkened home cinema at the Panasonic booth once again immerse visitors in the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Beijing.

Through their heavy black glasses, viewers see quite close itself by pulling the drummers. The 3D experience is of white cut sharpness and the images are plastic than you might think. No comparison to the two-dimensional images of your home DVD player. A look into the background of the events however bring disillusionment. Viewers Act on the grandstand as flat as in a conventional television. Background is fixed focus of camera.

Even if 3D wants to simulate reality, the audience must be followed but the conventions of film-making. So the eye is forced to follow the camera’s focus. Unlike as in reality the cameraman decides here which details be made sharp. Typically, this is the foreground. Until the units are ready for the market, interested parties have sufficient time to train their eyes in the cinema. The manufacturer not expressed so far still with the time of launch.

The Kantian

Thus, half of the Kantian way of thinking is referred to. Half, because necessary the question at this point arises: what is with the objects, which can be not objects of empirical experience, but nevertheless to think humans are abandoned? For Kant can be summarized the human relatedness on these items in three questions: what is the unconditional in his contingent, finite man? The question of immortality of the human soul. What is the absolute in the world compared to the chain-related actions? The question of freedom. What is the unconditional at all compared to the conditional in the people and to the conditional in the world? The question of God. The unavoidable tasks, the the metaphysical thinking remain if the recognition must be confined to the range of possible experience, the questions for God, freedom and immortality. In a question-answer forum Sally Rooney was the first to reply. The response to these metaphysical questions no longer is the area of knowledge with Kant and after Kant, but this response area is the field of the human practice.

Man can find the unconditional according to Kant in the practical action that he seeks in vain in the theoretical cognition. “The Kantian movement is famous in this context: I had to remove the knowledge, to get square to the faith.” Philosophical thinking undergoes a view turn on the practical human action with Kant and by Kant. Adult the of the practical is the peculiar field of philosophy, from this field alone may be a new birth”of metaphysics. Man must humble themselves after Kant in terms of knowledge, without however giving entitlement to happiness in terms of action and his hope on redemption in matters of faith. A metaphysical essence is not thinking man and appreciatively, but acting. And this necessary. Because metaphysics man not do without after Kant according to its equipment, the true and lasting well-being of human sex is based on her”.

Germany Gmb

Maintenance How to clean or sanitary devices work, depends on regular maintenance and cleaning of the system. This should be performed at least annually by a competent specialist. What else do the devices: filter function modern air conditioners are equipped with powerful active filters that clean the air. Pollen, pet dander and dust, but also bacteria, mold, fungi and mites are removed from the air. The devices easily also on heating mode can switch to warm on cooler summer days or during the transitional period.

So, they bridge short-term cold periods without shutting up the central heating system. Long start-up times accounts for which increases comfort and saves energy and thus money. Modern air conditioners operating times can be switched on in time about timers before the use of the room, so that the personal feel-good climate for each time of day can be programmed. Home coming for example on a hot summer day. is the apartment already comfortably cooled. An infra red remote control makes perfect comfort.

A motion detector ensures that the system on energy saving mode switches if 20 minutes no one enters the room. Humidification function air conditioning affect the indoor climate holistically: involves not only the mere lowering of temperature relative humidity also plays a major role. This is individually regulated devices the most Daikin”, says Arno Schmitt. In addition to the typical functions of cooling, heating, dehumidification and air cleaning features such as split-Ururu multi fresh air supply and ensures a comfortable, controlled humidity level without separate water supply. Further details can be found at Simon Pagenaud, an internet resource. You can download these and other press information/photos, press section, or, section press service. Press contact: modem conclusa public relations gmbh, Jutastr 5, 80636 Munich UTI Johne, Maike Schafer, t. 089-74 63 08-33, F. 0 89-18 97 91 98 E-Mail: DAIKIN airconditioning Germany GmbH the DAIKIN airconditioning Germany GmbH with headquarters in Unterhaching near Munich was founded in 1998 and distributes high-quality, energy-efficient air conditioners for private market, trade and industry. The Germany subsidiary of DAIKIN Industries, Ltd. (Osaka/Japan) is the market leader in the field of the split and VRV air conditioning technology with 135 employees and a turnover of 96.5 million euros (2008/2009) in Germany. Over 80% of the equipment for the European market are produced in the Belgian Oostende and in the work of Pilsen, Czech Republic. Sowohl are the electronics, compressors, as well as the refrigerant itself developed and manufactured in Japan. The research established in the Belgian Oostende and unzip Development Department is based on the country-specific Gegebenheiten in Europe. “Award: DAIKIN airconditioning Germany GmbH was by the Federal Ministry for environment, nature conservation and nuclear safety (BMU) with the award of cold and heat” awarded for the convenience Pack. Energy savings of 60% and 46% CO2 emission reduction have convinced the jury. The convenience Pack offers an extremely energy-efficient solution the food retail: fridge cooling, refrigeration, and air conditioning (heating/cooling).


The price structure on is simple and clear. Settings on the so-called product pages, on which up to five innovations of a product group can be represented, are bookable at 30, 60 and 90 days. The providers decide whether they pay a fixed amount for a product page at 500 for 30 days, starting and ending at 1,250 for 90 days, or whether they themselves pay by clicking “process would connect. Here, for example, for a 90-day product setup, they pay only 0.25 / per click. The click upper limit is fixed at maximum 6,000 clicks and then passes into a flat rate. As a result, the provider has always a clear calculation basis.

A high visibility of the new products is achieved via page internal promotions. WOW, real eye-catcher”is a separate area where only 20 new products are that change every two weeks. The product of the week”is on many portal pages for 7 days in the focus. From December, it is an advent calendar give consumers the daily 100 pocket money can win, but only if they answer a product specific to the corresponding innovation. We would thus reach that consumers deal intensively with the details of the corresponding new of product”, so Rohrl fame communications and target groups the portal so far about active press work at newspapers and audience leaves, about sampling activities on consumer fairs, viral online guerrilla actions and about circulation newsletter mailings by E-Mail at. Search engine optimization is top on the agenda when the creators of So, the portal presents itself after a short time on more than 7,000 Google indexed pages. With regard to the target group of our communication we have it relatively easy. According to AGOF about 43 million people in Germany the Internet use to learn about products on the Internet and we want to address that. These include consumers, the are both for “high-quality branded goods would be interested in or but just know, what is the latest on my garden or balcony”, Rohrl says.

The Hang

They reflect very well even in low-light conditions and the child It is additionally protected. If you are sure that your child for a bike is ripe enough, then you can grant of course the wish after an own “wire donkey”. Sela Ward takes a slightly different approach. Only, make sure that it is equipped with all listed objects which serve the traffic safety. Seek advice from a specialist dealer. Of course, you can buy a used bike, if it complies with the requirements. Take someone to purchase which has also the idea of the subject, because four eyes see more than two and one not so quickly drawn across the table. Once you have found a suitable bike now, it can be decorated with a loop for the birthday.

Or but you to paint it, if it should be but a different shade. It’s a bit expensive, but not too hard. You will no longer forget the bright and shining eyes of children. But please practice with the child for the first time in the garden, in the park or on an other quiet, level base. Didn’t go on the road and are especially not impatient.

Learning of the wheel driving is a very complex matter for a child. If it but has the hang of it, so it is no longer to unlearn this ability a life too! If you have a child that can already ride bikes, but his old bicycle “is grew out”, then need pay attention only to the inch size of the bike. 16-18 inches should have bikes for 4-6 year olds, usually 24 inch bikes have 20 inch for 6.8 years and then the children. However, even this bike must be absolutely safe! If you keep this in mind, nothing in the way can be common bike rides!

Avicenna Faraby

At the same time, around the second half of the fourth century, Aly Hojviry Ghaznavy wrote the first document about the Sama and their rituals. In the book titled Kashfol Mahjoub’ (the discovery of secrets) he explains in detail everything you need to know about the tradition, the ritual and the culture of the Sama in the monasteries of the Sufis. Also at the same time, another revolutionary development took place in the field of mysticism. A contemporary of Hojviry, who was called Abu Said Abul Khyr, turned the inner structure of the Persian poetry as musical support for the first time, to make the hidden vibrations of the rhythms come to the fore. After this change, the Sufis began to recite the mystical seals in their Khan gas ‘ (monasteries). Abu Said was a contemporary of Avicenna, the father of rationalism in the East. Avicenna Faraby developed the mystical, philosophical and rational theories of his teacher and master to the intellectual development of the people on the path of substantial development. In his most important and best known book of Shafa ‘ (recovery) Avicenna divided his philosophy in four areas: being the non-being (voujoud va adam), the science and the Way of God (elm-ol adyan), self-cognition (ma’ JAG on nafs) and mysticism (ANA).

In the same book findetsich a detailed elaborate chapter about mathematics, it is divided in four parts: geometry, algebra, astronomy and music. He wrote also two related books on music: Al lavaheg ‘ (supplements) and Almadkhal fy sana atel mossighy’ (introduction to music theory). He also wrote on the same topic books like Daneshnameh Aly y’ (encyclopedia for Aly) and Annejat ‘ (detachment). In his book Al-esharat vat tanbyhat’ (Guide to mindfulness) Avicenna concludes that they can only be the Sufi path when performing retreat and Sama. Search by reading and explanation that is not possible. “He explained that: stamina, retreat, meditation and Sama in General to the revelation of the divine spheres cause, which cannot be identified with the earthly senses.” Qawwali and the Recitation art if we take the essence of all theories and discoveries of the third and fourth century together, we learn that a musical ceremony of the Sufis is divided into two parts: Qawwali and instrumental music.

Qawwali is a specific type of seals by stressing of syllables or the igha ‘ to recite. The word Qawwali’ recitation is called ‘ and Qowl’ through rhythmic verses. The entire Koran can be considered by its inner rhythm a Qowl. At the beginning of many verses, it says: Qoll’, recite! From this point of view, one can say that some prophets, David, Qawwal, for example were. It is known that during the first years of the Islamic period many people through the inner resonance of the verses recited by Mohammad felt very attracted to. Qawwali is the art of the mystical recitation. The second part of the Sama is the instrumental music, which complemented the recitation. This part is played mainly on percussion instruments such as the DAF, the Tombak, the Tabla and the Dohol, during which the game Ney, the zither, a harp and other string instruments, the tan-tan’ the Zarb’ (Tombak) completes. …(Excerpt from the last chapter in the book “The Pearl of the Sufis” by Dr. Mostafa Azmayesh Dr. Mostafa Azmayesh (translation from the English Helmut fork),)

Yanick Naidu

Gunther triangle: you said just the hip hop would be except in the Textile industry never grappled with the model industry. How is that to understand? Yanick Naidu: You see, the hip has established hop itself successfully in many industries. Was it the music, the dance or the clothes that rappers are often developed by US. So far artists and designers have brought their models for music videos or fashion presentation from classic model agencies themselves. But the hip hop itself, is never of fashion models important in the promotion and development of its own for the industry dedicated to. He has not so far observed the area of modeling. Gunther triangle: and what are then the hip hop honeys if they are not models? Yanick Naidu: The hip hop honeys are a separate branch of industry emerged in America.

There’s going to have mostly about a little using butt, and corresponding breasts that are brought to bear in the music videos of the US rapper. Physically hip correspond to the masses not hop honeys, to compete with various runway sizes or photo models of international model industry. The focus of the honeys definitely a very different focus. This I call personally like BBnB. Gunther triangle: and that supposed to mean? Yanick Naik: (laughs) big boobs n butt! You must not ignore also, the a significant portion of the hip hop honeys also known to be erotic actresses, such as E.g.

GIA Lashay. That’s why you can hip hop models and honeys do not confuse. Gunther triangle: what a hip hop model in your opinion therefore have? Yanick Naidu: As mentioned above the hip has never great grappled hop with the model industry. We then of course thought, if the hip hop would develop its own model type what would this then he did, so that is of “Germany BBs next top model type” is different.


With vehicle slide changes to save leasing costs! Choose the color of your choice and simply glue! Once again, the car dealership out of stock has the desired color of the car or is available after a long wait? You are the owner of the company and place greatest value on corporate identity design, this also applies to your company vehicles? The trend is right solid film sticking on vehicles, these are simply glued in the desired color, and after the end of term one can offer 2-colors on sale. Once the current colour of the foil or after removal of the original new paint. Still you can strongly save at Leasinggeburen, because after the end of term a new paint to the musicians favor it is worth to compare, but not everyone can caution glue please, only by the professional, and even there should be questions if they are certified..