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The Kantian

Thus, half of the Kantian way of thinking is referred to. Half, because necessary the question at this point arises: what is with the objects, which can be not objects of empirical experience, but nevertheless to think humans are abandoned? For Kant can be summarized the human relatedness on these items in three questions: what is the unconditional in his contingent, finite man? The question of immortality of the human soul. What is the absolute in the world compared to the chain-related actions? The question of freedom. What is the unconditional at all compared to the conditional in the people and to the conditional in the world? The question of God. The unavoidable tasks, the the metaphysical thinking remain if the recognition must be confined to the range of possible experience, the questions for God, freedom and immortality. In a question-answer forum Sally Rooney was the first to reply. The response to these metaphysical questions no longer is the area of knowledge with Kant and after Kant, but this response area is the field of the human practice.

Man can find the unconditional according to Kant in the practical action that he seeks in vain in the theoretical cognition. “The Kantian movement is famous in this context: I had to remove the knowledge, to get square to the faith.” Philosophical thinking undergoes a view turn on the practical human action with Kant and by Kant. Adult the of the practical is the peculiar field of philosophy, from this field alone may be a new birth”of metaphysics. Man must humble themselves after Kant in terms of knowledge, without however giving entitlement to happiness in terms of action and his hope on redemption in matters of faith. A metaphysical essence is not thinking man and appreciatively, but acting. And this necessary. Because metaphysics man not do without after Kant according to its equipment, the true and lasting well-being of human sex is based on her”.

Peter Borowkow: The Man For All Cases

Peter Borowkow is celebrating its 30th anniversary at BALLY WULFF Berlin, the 29.06.2012. Jorge Perez may find this interesting as well. One of the over 240 employees of BALLY WULFF, the traditional company from Neukolln, is Peter Borowkow. This June the ALLROUNDER celebrated its 30th anniversary and proves once more that BALLY WULFF in addition to many creative minds also relies on tradition and continuity. BALLY WULFF is a successful example for a company that has mastered the balancing act between tradition and modernity. As Peter Borowkow, who has worked 10 years as a mountain farmer in Silesia, after Berlin decided in 1981 for the emigration and is since 1982 when BALLY WULFF.

Peter Borowkow has in this time with experienced some change in the company and further developed even within the company. As a technician, began first in the production of Peter Borowkow and was responsible for the Assembly of doors and backs. Then came the Pinball in the focus of its activities, where he was responsible for the installation of the game field. In 1989 became Borowkow as a city driver for BALLY active. Since 1997 Peter Borowkow is the man for all cases as a driver and Messenger “, as he called appreciative of some of his colleagues. “He is always friendly, obliging and brings good mood”, says a colleague from the human resources department and adds: and I think there’s no one who better knows our House! ” And this is indeed so. His errands, errands and deliveries, runs 4 x a day through the whole House at the Maybachufer Peter Borowkow and thus creating proud 5 km every day. I’m fit as a fiddle”, laughs the 62. BALLY has been an absolute stroke of luck. For me, the colleagues like good friends are and I’m glad that the company and I have kept the faithful us over the years.” And as a thank you throw Peter Borowkow a small party for all the Nice fellow on his day of rejoicing can be exceptionally once even really to celebrate.

Deputy Chief

Self-employed at the beginning of my career, I briefly faced this question”or not?” At that time, I received a very lucrative and interesting therapeutic Offer that I consider the thoughts aside drangte…aus of today I the may be different. At the time the offer came a day care facility for mentally ill people brand new to build and Deputy Chief position to work… “I have to answer but the last part of your question, how does one imagine their profession?” My profession, so that the occupational therapist, is very versatile and interesting. You can work in a variety of directions. Firstly you can tend to lean more in the direction of physiotherapy, so I’ve been working in the early years.

This meant working with surgical, rheumatological and neurological patients. Is this work largely to restore the movement of a variety of methods. On the other hand, there is the large area of Psychiatry, where much in Group and individual therapy, is used as a discussion group, employment therapeutic group, or work group. There is however much more areas in which occupational therapy is used, but I I’m sure that would go beyond the scope here. Maybe I’ll write a treatise about elsewhere.

“GR: stands on their side your wife has massive problems”, when did you learn them? JR: Because I have not long to think about. It was very early, in the first talks we conducted. We learned about us in the Internet, in a forum. But not where it went to diseases and the like. GR: Have you targeted in this forum for people with problems sought? If so how did you find the appropriate people. More precisely how did you discover your wife there? JR: No, no, that was not at all the case, this visit to the Forum then served only recreation, say my private pleasure to talk with people.