Deputy Chief

Self-employed at the beginning of my career, I briefly faced this question”or not?” At that time, I received a very lucrative and interesting therapeutic Offer that I consider the thoughts aside drangte…aus of today I the may be different. At the time the offer came a day care facility for mentally ill people brand new to build and Deputy Chief position to work… “I have to answer but the last part of your question, how does one imagine their profession?” My profession, so that the occupational therapist, is very versatile and interesting. You can work in a variety of directions. Firstly you can tend to lean more in the direction of physiotherapy, so I’ve been working in the early years.

This meant working with surgical, rheumatological and neurological patients. Is this work largely to restore the movement of a variety of methods. On the other hand, there is the large area of Psychiatry, where much in Group and individual therapy, is used as a discussion group, employment therapeutic group, or work group. There is however much more areas in which occupational therapy is used, but I I’m sure that would go beyond the scope here. Maybe I’ll write a treatise about elsewhere.

“GR: stands on their side your wife has massive problems”, when did you learn them? JR: Because I have not long to think about. It was very early, in the first talks we conducted. We learned about us in the Internet, in a forum. But not where it went to diseases and the like. GR: Have you targeted in this forum for people with problems sought? If so how did you find the appropriate people. More precisely how did you discover your wife there? JR: No, no, that was not at all the case, this visit to the Forum then served only recreation, say my private pleasure to talk with people.

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