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??Statistics and news about violence over the world family and gender-based violence, show that each day increases the victims of this violence, and many of them unfortunately die. Without going beyond, in Argentina, in the last fortnight there were 7 cases of sprayed with alcohol and burned women, three of them died. This atrocious violence is killing women in very cruel forms, their perpetrators are arrested etc, but situations follow some time later, either the perpetrator goes free and returns to threaten or attack, or is stopped for years but we do not really know how will exit its condemnation, if cured (through therapy) or no, with which the surviving victim remains emotionally very disturbed and lives in a State of anxiety and hypervigilance that worsens their already very hurt psychological situation. And not to mention aquelllas remaining with physical footprints by chipping and scars such as burns, whereupon grapple for years of their lives in rehabilitation. Logic tells us that We must see well with who are going to share our life, and observe signs of violence is essential for talking about these cases. However love blind to these women, many are so in love that it usually first year with that man, nor give account which in the future can exert violence against her. Many do not want to see when they realize minimally of any indication, e.g. verbal violence, insults or some controls dating.

These women perhaps do not listen to the words of people who have already lived these experiences. Maybe their same mothers are warning them (because they do not want their daughters to pass pain) but not heard them. Or perhaps, and more likely, are women who grew up in a household where there was emotional, verbal violence and up physics, so that anger for having grown up there, makes them not wanting to listen to their battered mothers.

John Cooper

the electronic locking differential of the driving wheels. With this system, traction is lost if he slips one of the drive wheels when leaving a closed curve accelerating forcefully. MINI offers numerous possibilities to customize many details of its models, including the new and extremely sporty MINI John Cooper Works. As in the other models of the brand, can choose between numerous colors of the bodywork, various configurations of the interior, various upholstery of seats, different colors of the cockpit and various variants for decoration, in addition to numerous teams of comfort. Additionally can resort to the wide range of accessories for MINI and John Cooper Works to increase comfort, practical qualities and sports cars of the brand image. Included in the optional equipment of the MINI range, high quality and advanced technology, navigation and entertainment systems can also be mounted on the new particularly sporty model.

System controls screen and audio (in series with CD drive) TFT liquid crystal of the optional navigation system 6.5-inch colour found in central round instruments unit. The AUX, including serial connection, allows, for example, connect an MP3 to listen to music through the audio system. You can optionally purchase a special interface to integrate an Apple iPod in the audio system. Communication connection is to be optimal and reliable, it can be ordered from the factory a pre-installation for mobile phone, which includes a system of hands free with Bluetooth interface and USB port, the cars to Mexico already have serial with this equipment. For the Apple iPhone is a special interface for the combined use of the audio system and phone.John Cooper Works components emphasize the character of the new model and manage their virtues to jump more in sight. They are distinguished by their sportsmanship and high quality, as well as the new model that carries the logo of John Cooper Works. The MINI John Cooper Works should be equal to the challenges that holds for driving in a circuit, as it must also meet the demands that arise in daily road traffic in relation to functionality, good design, reliability and duration.

John Cooper Works and MINI brands are expression of a level of quality that is unique in the segment of the MINI models. Especially close ties exist between the MINI brand and the name John Cooper. It is a relationship that is based on a long tradition and that is directly linked to the spectacular victories in the motor sport. But the most important thing is that, now, that tradition can live more intensely that ever with the new MINI John Cooper Works, commented Maru Escobedo, Director of the MINI brand in Mexico. Dear reader, gathers it our invitation to visit our Web site at Internet Vision Automotriz Magazine, where you will find the latest that is happening in the exciting world of the automobile, the last news, launches of new models and everything that happens around the world automotive industry.

Old Infancy

Old Infancy I love living the gift, but it is a magical moment to come back in the time and to relembrar each moment of my infancy. Some of the friends who I made when small, are with me until today at the happy and difficult moments of the life. I cultivated some friendships and today I see that the penalty was valid. Beyond being able to reviver child moments, to the times I make with these same friends who had always been to my side. Under the sun of the city of So Paulo, I played very, I danced, I studied, I laugh and I cried. It was in this wonderful city that I formed my personality and that, next to my family, I could form my values and understand that friendship, honesty and simplicity are the best ingredients to form a solid base for the life.

I grew, I made many friends in this life, but I do not have shame to still say that taste of being, at some moments, a perpetual great child. He is with nephews and godsons who I seat in the soil, I smear cotton candy and chocolate, earring of doll, to even play ball and of stand. The innocence of that one day they will be adult me of spirit to know, at least with the next people me, we will have better human beings in the command of the world. Desire of truth that in the next years our friendships increase more, our reencontros with that we do not see has much time are frequent, that the families grow in homes blessed for the divine hand and that I am still this way for dividing my moments of joy with vocs, reading friends. An enormous kiss to all, of this adult whom it loves living the life with the slightness of a child. Valria Regina de Carballo