Old Infancy

Old Infancy I love living the gift, but it is a magical moment to come back in the time and to relembrar each moment of my infancy. Some of the friends who I made when small, are with me until today at the happy and difficult moments of the life. I cultivated some friendships and today I see that the penalty was valid. Beyond being able to reviver child moments, to the times I make with these same friends who had always been to my side. Under the sun of the city of So Paulo, I played very, I danced, I studied, I laugh and I cried. It was in this wonderful city that I formed my personality and that, next to my family, I could form my values and understand that friendship, honesty and simplicity are the best ingredients to form a solid base for the life.

I grew, I made many friends in this life, but I do not have shame to still say that taste of being, at some moments, a perpetual great child. He is with nephews and godsons who I seat in the soil, I smear cotton candy and chocolate, earring of doll, to even play ball and of stand. The innocence of that one day they will be adult me of spirit to know, at least with the next people me, we will have better human beings in the command of the world. Desire of truth that in the next years our friendships increase more, our reencontros with that we do not see has much time are frequent, that the families grow in homes blessed for the divine hand and that I am still this way for dividing my moments of joy with vocs, reading friends. An enormous kiss to all, of this adult whom it loves living the life with the slightness of a child. Valria Regina de Carballo

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