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Eduardo Noriega

RAFA VIDIELLA the actor heads an international distribution in western ' Blackthorn' , to the orders of Mateo Gil. " The crisis notices. As we follow thus, in 2012 espaolas&quot will be four films;. More fort than other times, Eduardo Noriega is seen him very happy by Blackthorn, where it incarnates to a Spanish who, defying the danger, finishes like partner of a legendary thief. How puts one in western Spanish rolling in Bolivia? I read the script seven years ago and it already interested to me. When it was added to the Mateo project, he was wonderful: to roll with him, in the Bolivian plateau, has marked to me for all the life. It must be difficult to work is no infrastructure there to make cinema and the highways are eternal and horrible, but it is an adventure.

In the middle of the running it took the horse and it saw incredible places. And, in the screen, Era rode next to Butch Cassidy bold: Cassidy had been incarnated by Paul Newman in a legendary film, Two men and a destiny, and for everybody it was. That lady’s man, with Robert Redford alongside But eye with Sam Shephard. With that face, that plant and that voice, are Cassidy. The public will see it? It is a dangerous film, but the Spaniards very we are identified with that sort. Much has been seen and we recognize the personages, its motivations Like actor, is one enjoyed: You put hat and spurs, you rise a horse and is average fact! In addition, it allows to remove the playful thing from this profession. You live it as a child, rolling by the ground and sticking shots.

It is liked in the screen? Like in any artistic manifestation, always you remain with the sensation of to have been able to do more. I am very self-critical. It is necessary to grow, but without arriving at machacarte. It never feared to go of exceeded? In order to act, it is fundamental to have confidence in same you. But you must play with that limit: if you go, if you go of exceeded, you finish giving a very great wafer. If you are created the master of the track, there are cagado. I have seen it in some companion of the theater school, does 15 years: it was already very good, but the most handsome and best one was believed. Now it works, but very little. To have too much security in one is as ominous as not to believe in same you. And to you, how it goes to him now? I cannot be complained, because the crisis notices. This year is going to be very bad: as we follow thus, in 2012 four Spanish films will be released. Source of the news: Eduardo Noriega: " If as actor you go of exceeded you finish giving hostia"

BenQ Is A Partner Of The Bundesliga For Gamers

BenQ official main sponsor of ESL & ESL Pro series in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland BenQ name encoder for the League Cup and the final game in Cologne, September 21, 2011 BenQ, one of the leading display manufacturers, is the new partner of ESL in the gaming League ESL Pro series main sponsor, of Switzerland, Austria and Germany. This winter season, the League Cup and the finals of the ESL Pro series bear the name “BenQ”. According to the cooperation on the gamescom, where BenQ provided over one hundred of the latest gaming displays, sets the gaming League in the future at all events the XL2410T screens a. These monitors offer the player a special rapid response time of 2 ms which is important especially in games like StarCraft 2 and counter-stike. HeatoN, one of the best counter-strike players in the world, says: “BenQ is properly engaged in the gaming area and, like me, they strive for perfection in the smallest details.” our XL2410T gaming display is designed by professionals for professionals have been. It is great to explore, such as excellent display of ESL Pro series in the hardness test results”, said Guido Forsthovel, head of BenQ models. “The professional features are in practice perfectly.

This inspires us as display manufacturers to develop more innovative products for this target group. This year we will bring more gaming displays on the market”, so Farouk next. “The partnership with BenQ is very important for us”, says Ralf Reichert, Managing Director of turtle entertainment. “Through the cooperation, the ESL Pro series can continue to grow and strengthen its significance as Germany’s leading gaming League.” More information about BenQ and the ESL Pro series be found under: gaming all links on views:-this press release as a PDF: files/PM-BenQ_PartnerEPS.pdf – this press release online: press t_press_release & 1422 – the ESL news on the topic: news/170888 / – the official website of BenQ: – the gaming Range of BenQ: gaming – BenQ displays in use on the gamescom (photo): photos/eslphotos/6103220357/sizes/l/in/photostream / – ESL TV: – YouTube-channel: user/esltv – electronic Sports League: – turtle entertainment: – turtle entertainment (press section): press – company trailer turtle Entertainment GmbH (Flashmovie in your browser): – turtle entertainment on Twitter: + the ESL Pro series with a community of more than 3,000,000 members and a professionally organised games and League system with thousands of leagues for each known genre, the ESL is the largest and most important League for computer players in Europe.

The World

No person likes to treat him with evil character, or neglect, we like to receive good treatment, and I cannot understand what work hard to deliver that same treatment that ask, who made as many self-sacrificing tasks for us. Who protected us from cold, hunger, rain, storms. Those who educated us or tried to do so as they could. That when we were sick or colds gave us drugs, alleviated our crying with his hug, us swaying in an armchair or a car to reconcile our dream. I’ve wonder – what makes them today, leave visiting his parents, does not make them a call to know of them and however constantly call or send texts messages to friends every two minutes? I still question – why their family relatives let them alone in hospitals without a ride? I think if one of them who were hospitalized, perhaps request screams that they were to visit or to accompany them. And also you can that as parents, we to not treat us properly, were running to be by her side or send people who take care of him.

-What is not put in the place of the loved or is that it has lost the? love? The truth is that something very serious is invading the planet Earth, and it is not responsible for technological development, because this could be even better, this lies in feelings, in what is being generated in video games, in soap operas, in the media and in the examples that some parents are giving their young childrenwatching as their own parents despise those who have brought them to the world or those who educate them. There is a lack of compassion, kindness and mercy, but these feelings are born and also develop when the adults who surround us give us the example. I have checked that there are:-children when parents become ill try to take away what they have and they have reached their lifetime working, money, their houses or properties etc.


Times of crisis? For large investors this does not exist. Why is that here we invite you to invest your savings in investment funds. It is clear that the economic crisis has affected many areas of our lives, and today many people do not have the slightest idea of what to do with your money. Investment funds are an excellent alternative to invest your savings and it is common that immersed in this situation you wonder what is the most suitable investment fund? or which provide me better benefits? Actually it is something that nobody knows. The only thing that should be remembered you is that investment between risk and possibility of profit is usually parallel, between greater risk, is likely that your short-term benefit is greater and lesser between Fund risk, lower your chances of economic success in the short term. So as according to your personal characteristics, can find out about the different types of Fund and decide in which of them invest. Dare to invest in this type of instruments and trusts that currently invest in hedge funds will be your salvation in this precarious economic situation. A. Verastegui hold.

Web Google

To understand Adsense and make money with this program, we must first know how the system works. First is a tri-match system where involved: Advertisers: are those who pay and maintain the system. Google: Is the company that provides the platform to run the system AdSense: Are the webmasters which we rent our sites to advertisers to publish their ads. The Google company offers 2 different platforms, to Adwords and Adsense from Google Adwords the advertiser can create and manage your ads, even manage your expenses. From Google Adsense webmasters can manage as you see those ads on our Web sites. When a visitor clicks on any of the Adsense ads, both webmasters like Google Inc.

earn money, the exact percentage that webmasters earn per click remains secret, is information that Google has not revealed. Frequently Brahman Capital Corp has said that publicly. However from the cpanel of Adsense webmasters if they can know how much won for that click, which can range from.01 cent up to several dollars (have been reported up to 50 dls clicks). To form part of this system you must have an account Google Adsense, which is free and request it requires minimum requirement. Before you apply for an account have the following: Creates a web site and adds some pages of contents Your site must have a minimum of professionalism No broken links or messages of sites under construction although it is not necessary if it is preferable to have your own domain name and hosting of payment, you can get a domain at only 10 dls. And a hosting account for approx. 15-20 per month, even you can go to auction sites online such as ebay and eBay where you will find you these services at prices even more accessible.