The World

No person likes to treat him with evil character, or neglect, we like to receive good treatment, and I cannot understand what work hard to deliver that same treatment that ask, who made as many self-sacrificing tasks for us. Who protected us from cold, hunger, rain, storms. Those who educated us or tried to do so as they could. That when we were sick or colds gave us drugs, alleviated our crying with his hug, us swaying in an armchair or a car to reconcile our dream. I’ve wonder – what makes them today, leave visiting his parents, does not make them a call to know of them and however constantly call or send texts messages to friends every two minutes? I still question – why their family relatives let them alone in hospitals without a ride? I think if one of them who were hospitalized, perhaps request screams that they were to visit or to accompany them. And also you can that as parents, we to not treat us properly, were running to be by her side or send people who take care of him.

-What is not put in the place of the loved or is that it has lost the? love? The truth is that something very serious is invading the planet Earth, and it is not responsible for technological development, because this could be even better, this lies in feelings, in what is being generated in video games, in soap operas, in the media and in the examples that some parents are giving their young childrenwatching as their own parents despise those who have brought them to the world or those who educate them. There is a lack of compassion, kindness and mercy, but these feelings are born and also develop when the adults who surround us give us the example. I have checked that there are:-children when parents become ill try to take away what they have and they have reached their lifetime working, money, their houses or properties etc.

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