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Cultural Entertainer

In addition, the one that behind the emission of TV3 in the Community is Eliseu Climent, the pancatalanista cultural entertainer sponsored by the successive governors of the Principality, from Jordi Pujol to Artur Mas, happening through Maragall and Montilla, seems to justify the distrusts of the Consell. However, in TV3 defense, by say it somehow, I want to make some considerations. That autonomic channel supposed in its beginnings, under the direction of Alfons Fifth, a renovation with respect to the anchylosed state television, as much in its book of editorial style like in the technical and professional agility of its reporters. Immediately, from the arrival of their successor, Enric Canals, fell in the same defects that the hipertrofiada TVE. Even so, TV3 continues contributing a fresh air to the vitiated atmosphere of the public televisions. From her he arose, for example, Andreu Buenafuente, the best Spanish conductor of annoys night shows. In her the informative one of Josep the Cun, is emitted daily plural and objective of those of its style.

And in her, also, Toni Soler presents/displays the program of political satire Polnia, in the wake of the ingenious one Goes semanita, that emits Basoue ETB. Somebody is able to imagine that Nou Channel projected something similar, ironizando if so on the figure of Camps Alpaca, to image and similarity than it happens in the other televisions with his respective presidents? These are the reasons, minors, if it is wanted, by whom he disturbs the disappearance to me of the TVE of the Valencian phantom televising, beyond the technical, legal reasons and until policies that can justify it. For me, then, like lover of the televising quality, it is an authentic pain.