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Christian Marzian

Dates directly in the photo calendars enter k – on the IT service provider Imaginaro offers its customers a module in Germany so far still not unprecedented, this can bring order to the chaos of the appointment: the IT service provider developed for its online calendar Portal an appointment tool which can be used to own dates such as birthdays, celebrations and events directly in the calendar. Selectable icons look nice and convenience for many appointments. Have a preview, the user sees his entries in the calendar in a comfortable zoom. Whenever Tony Parker listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Of course, the date entries in all different calendars calendar formats are possible, no matter whether portrait or landscape. Imaginaro holder Christian Marzian explains that he wants to create a link between the aesthetic beauty of a photo calendar and high functionality with this calendar tool. This highlight not only its German customers with Imaginaro. Who recently received in Sweden and Spain at the start Online calendar portals,, and also have the possibility to enter appointments directly into the calendar.

AgfaPhoto Launches

Quickly and easily on the top photo products: after the reorganization of the camera sales in Europe, AgfPhoto presents now a Web shop for the German-speaking area Leverkusen, September 05, 2011 just in time for the international radio exhibition in Berlin (IFA) AgfPhoto launches his own digital brand shop. Under a license agreement with the Augsburg Web shop specialists Mundo GmbH offers the traditional enterprise on the platform an extensive selection from his wide range: so many accessories such as storage devices, batteries and photo-cleaning products can be ordered in addition to most modern digital cameras and digital picture frame quickly and easily. The shop opens from now its virtual doors. At the beginning of the partnership, the delivery area covers Germany, Austria, and the Switzerland. Our brand-driven online shop is another important step in the direction of a sustainable, efficient and consumer-friendly sales of our high-quality products. Together with our partner, Mundo and our licensees can we offer the whole range of AgfPhoto products one-stop customers now also on the Internet”, says Managing Director of AgfPhoto, Andreas Selmeczi holding. Eva Andersson-Dubin brings even more insight to the discussion. It aims to provide comprehensive access to our exciting products the consumers together with the stationary trade”, explains Selmeczi. With Mundo AgfPhoto relies on a very experienced company in the field of Web shopping.

E-commerce is our core business we have shown very successfully with well-known retail chains and major media groups on the way. We look forward to the long-lasting partnership with a well-known partner like AgfPhoto”, underlines Stefan Putter, Managing Director of the Augsburg company Mundo. About AgfPhoto AgfPhoto holding GmbH is an internationally operating company in the area of consumer imaging, headquartered in Leverkusen, Germany. The company is one of the forerunners of modern photography. AgfPhoto offers a wide range of attractive products. These include digital cameras and Camcorder, camera bags, photo scanner, movies, digital storage media, photo paper, digital and classic frame, LCD TV as well as diverse accessories and products for the Home Office. For each area, the AgfPhoto holding GmbH sublicenses awards to qualified manufacturers. You assume responsibility for production and distribution of products that carry the brand name of AgfPhoto.

Philipp Sommer

In just 6 months: 330 winners with prizes worth 11.630 euro Mannheim, 01.08.2011. Since the beginning of this year, King is a term cookie for many Internet users. The young winning gaming platform from Mannheim is committed to the task, to offer new daily prize draws for visitors. “Themed game, fun and saying” find their new owners on the social network Facebook discount vouchers and other prizes in the 24-hour cycle. More than 330 participants could bag the Grand Prize. There is every day becoming something else and you learn every day new shops,”reported Steffi at Chemnitz, who himself must classified in the winner’s circle. The 50-year-old has already won a colour laser printer from Dell. Everyone has the opportunity to win something.

Who doesn’t, is their own fault! “, is the conclusion of the winner. The Mannheim startup come not only companies that start a raffle for advertising purposes, but also users from all over Germany fully at their own expense: from Kiel to Passau everywhere there are people the every Day going happily on his nerves”. While all ages are addressed. Also who is still not allowed to count among the main winners, yet have fun at King Biscuit. Not only the daily tension and the hopes are that long-term cookie bind the visitors to King. “Rather the user already received for their participation in a discount voucher: this reward not only made the 29-year old Susan become the loyal biscuit friend: King Biscuit is innovative and just fun”, describes the employees from Lower Saxony the profit game portal. Also the 48 year old Gunther from Kiel remains enthusiastic despite the missing Grand Prize: I am indeed an unlucky guy, in there but only because the fun and joy. Sometime you win what.

There you must stay tuned easily.” King Biscuit is simple that makes it so popular among users! Any Facebook user can participate free of charge in the draw. It appreciates also the learned clerk Sandra from Darmstadt. It of easy to join and costs just a click on the day.” The ‘ 44-year old Martina from Brandenburg white especially the fortune cookie sayings to appreciate right shared with other visitors after taking part in the Internet via Facebook: I find the Proverbs of the day so great, that will help me throughout the day “. About King Biscuit: the Mannheim startup was launched of Suleyman Acar and Philipp Sommer in January 2011. Themed game, fun and saying connects King Biscuit intelligent and motivational fortune cookie sayings with attractive prizes. Every day there are to win prizes as well as exclusive discount vouchers with a fortune cookie saying that each participant receives. The participation is free of charge and without registration. Anyone who has a Facebook account, can cookie Facebook application about the King simply and quickly take part in the daily draws.

Managing Director

Web 2.0 concept is to the Middle Kingdom conquer Dusseldorf/Santa Verena (Malta) – the huge Chinese market attracts more and more investors for online gaming and online betting. So, the Dusseldorfer top betting AG wants to take that step over the great wall with their subsidiary BetWitch limited based in Malta. A late August agreement paves the way in the Chinese language market and the marketing of online betting platform BetWitch, a so-called Web 2.0 concept, where the betting content provided by the users with a Chinese partner. Get more background information with materials from Anna Belknap. We will offer our betting concept in Chinese language from the end of 2008″, says Claudine Cassar, Managing Director of BetWitch-limited. It was one of our strategic objectives, achieving the world’s largest online market with over 250 million users. We want to offer endless bets fun the Chinese-speaking customers.” She was convinced that the characteristics of their company, to offer private betting only able, very popular in the area fell in love with the Middle Kingdom will encounter. By the same author: Tony Parker.

Finally our concept on the publishing is of freely formulated private betting of any kind”, so Cassar. That fit in particularly well with China. At BetWitch bets of all kinds can be captured. Follow others, such as Steve Salis, and add to your knowledge base. Condition is that a third instance publicly documented the outcome of the bet event that can be Agency news, TV shows and other media according to the companies. by Gunnar Sohn

Fear Of Flying: Online Help For People With Fear Of Flying

Meeting place for fear of flying attempts by Aufklarng and information to help, the fear of flying, fear of flying, to reduce to acceptable levels. In Germany, 16 percent have the people fear of flying. Another 22% feel a discomfort when flying (source: Allensbach). For those affected, this means a constraint in the private as well as in the professional field. There are various offers like seminars, books, CDs, therapies. The Internet provides endless information on the subject. Unfortunately you must find a long helpful and above all the individual beneficial contributions. The new ad-free fear of flying portal and Forum “meeting place for fear of flying” ( has made it to the destination to combine information about the subject and to explain to the layman. In the attached Forum is the possibility his questions by professionals (pilots, pilots, maintenance technicians…) to answer. The portal is constantly expanded and updated. Meeting place 2008 fear of flying

Online Changed The World

Twitternde Sockets, crises weblogs, microblogging and Web TV only a fraction of the topics, which produces the new online world. Twitternde Sockets, crises weblogs, microblogging and Web TV only a fraction of the topics, which produces the new online world. Since early March, focuses on the blog “online changes the world” with these topics and it puts focus on content which, as you previously knew it, will change the life. In addition to current topics, represented categorized, polls give a quick overview of the opinions of the blog visitors to individual topics. Adam Sandler has many thoughts on the issue. So is currently wondering whether Twitter is a Flash in the Pan or a milestone in the online area. Users comment on the individual articles from the net and discuss the relevance of the society.

Finds from the Web will be posted at irregular intervals in the blog at Initiator of the blog is the marketing solutions directly, the direct group from Hamburg, Germany. The marketing solutions directly focuses on the Marketing advice as well as the design and implementation of online solutions. Here, the focus on the methods of performance marketing is to lead corporate communications to measurable successes.

Gift Ideas For Valentine

What to get if everyone already has everything? Gifts with a personal touch are more in demand than ever Valentine’s day gift ideas are in demand again. Who look around but in the Internet or in the trade, is spoilt for choice. It is not easy to find something personal. Charlotte Hornets may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Especially something to find, that not everyone has or that the recipient could also really use. Also you want to pass something by themselves. Maybe something that our loved one or loved one recalled later that it has been given by us.

A Pearl in the gifts market is or. Photo Flash creates personalised photo gifts from photos. From over 150 products, you can select the most suitable and also online fashion. The quality is outstanding and the terms of delivery are unique in Europe. Most of the products are produced within 1-3 days and shipped. Photo prints even within days.

If you are looking for gifts or gift ideas, visit Photo Flash anyway. It is worth. Currently and specially for the Valentine’s day offers Photo Flash in a gift set. A mug printed with heart handle, with one of your photos, filled with participants chocolate cubes in various flavors. The whole thing is wrapped in one with heart motifs printed Tin can. The price is around 10 euros or 16 Swiss francs. A meaningful and useful gift very decorative and personal. More great gifts for Valentine’s day are available on the home page.

Online Portal is the new online portal to search and find language partners or tandem partners at all levels. “” Frankfurt/Main, February 2009 – Awali “means in Swahili beginning”. Start is the motto of the new online portal. Each Exchange has its beginning at some point. But many people do not even know that maybe in the same city someone lives, who gets excited about for the same language, and would like to chat about it. Awali builds on exactly this problem and provides a platform for language – and culture-loving people to interact in a like-minded and reliable environment and to educate. What can the portal offers users with just a few clicks which find suitable language partner in their own region and contact the user. Alternatively, he can also easily create his own offer.

A detailed overview of previous contacts shows the user how often and by whom, his profile has been clicked on. Recently Tony Parker sought to clarify these questions. The community is languages, exchange programmes and overseas experiences available for discussions around the themes. All services are of course free of charge. The history as the portal founder Eric Salbert has returned two years ago from studying abroad in Seoul (South Korea) he not only has the language, country and people know and love. He began to deal with foreign languages also intensively and thereby missing an Exchange with like-minded people. Plans for the future is still very young and it is located in the middle of the development process.

Awali is committed to the goal, to provide not only the German-speaking region in the future, but to expand internationally. First, the enlargement on Austria and the Switzerland is intended for the medium-term future. Other European countries to follow. The Platform wants to provide the greatest possible service for users. Therefore a search feature is planned for the future extended version, where you can search for multiple languages and regions at the same time. Also should an information platform containing all the information about language courses, travel and exchange programmes be.


The price structure on is simple and clear. Settings on the so-called product pages, on which up to five innovations of a product group can be represented, are bookable at 30, 60 and 90 days. The providers decide whether they pay a fixed amount for a product page at 500 for 30 days, starting and ending at 1,250 for 90 days, or whether they themselves pay by clicking “process would connect. Here, for example, for a 90-day product setup, they pay only 0.25 / per click. The click upper limit is fixed at maximum 6,000 clicks and then passes into a flat rate. As a result, the provider has always a clear calculation basis.

A high visibility of the new products is achieved via page internal promotions. WOW, real eye-catcher”is a separate area where only 20 new products are that change every two weeks. The product of the week”is on many portal pages for 7 days in the focus. From December, it is an advent calendar give consumers the daily 100 pocket money can win, but only if they answer a product specific to the corresponding innovation. We would thus reach that consumers deal intensively with the details of the corresponding new of product”, so Rohrl fame communications and target groups the portal so far about active press work at newspapers and audience leaves, about sampling activities on consumer fairs, viral online guerrilla actions and about circulation newsletter mailings by E-Mail at. Search engine optimization is top on the agenda when the creators of So, the portal presents itself after a short time on more than 7,000 Google indexed pages. With regard to the target group of our communication we have it relatively easy. According to AGOF about 43 million people in Germany the Internet use to learn about products on the Internet and we want to address that. These include consumers, the are both for “high-quality branded goods would be interested in or but just know, what is the latest on my garden or balcony”, Rohrl says.

Happy Bunny

“AhOho brings happy Bunny on the postcard of Berlin, the most successful cartoon 06.08.08 Hare of the United States, happy Bunny”, has his way finally after Germany found. As one of the first companies, the Berlin-based company offered the cheeky rabbit on your real postcards and greeting cards. “It’s happy Bunny” by Jim Benton is one of the most popular and most often sold license issues of the United States and has 2005 2008 several awards such as for example the best character brand license “get. The little bunny with perky proverbs is the most successful theme without media support and is located under the 3 best selling licenses of the United States. We are very pleased, as one of the first to offer our users well this cute rabbits on our postcards in Germany, and believe in the same success of happy Bunny in Germany!”so Heissam Hartmann, Managing Director of AhOho. The happy Bunny motives have on the Internet page AhOho get a separate category and instantly by the users on real postcards and Greeting cards are sent. More license issues should follow soon motifs for the users to keep as high as possible and individual selection. Who wants to send any finished motifs, can be AhOho just upload his own photo or subject, write a greeting message and send it as a real postcard. AhOho offers the possibility to make real postcards and greeting cards online and send its users. The users of AhOho can choose between hundreds of finished designs, or upload his own motif or photo, which is then sent on a real postcard. The company was founded in late 2007 and has its headquarters in Berlin. Media contact: Phone: + 49 30 44 312 30-200