Fear Of Flying: Online Help For People With Fear Of Flying

Meeting place for fear of flying attempts by Aufklarng and information to help, the fear of flying, fear of flying, to reduce to acceptable levels. In Germany, 16 percent have the people fear of flying. Another 22% feel a discomfort when flying (source: Allensbach). For those affected, this means a constraint in the private as well as in the professional field. There are various offers like seminars, books, CDs, therapies. The Internet provides endless information on the subject. Unfortunately you must find a long helpful and above all the individual beneficial contributions. The new ad-free fear of flying portal and Forum “meeting place for fear of flying” (www.treffpunkt-flugangst.de) has made it to the destination to combine information about the subject and to explain to the layman. In the attached Forum is the possibility his questions by professionals (pilots, pilots, maintenance technicians…) to answer. The portal is constantly expanded and updated. Meeting place 2008 fear of flying

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