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Snow Maiden Contact

Three things are necessary for the successful performance of the first and most important component of successful performance – it is a successful contact with the public. If you're scared of the fact that you will watch and listen, or that you will evaluate and criticize, you're likely to look unnatural and awkward, the audience will turn away from you, and it means that you are simply not ready to exit. You should be very scared by other things – namely, the fact that you do something that will set the audience against you. Incidentally, this will happen, if she feels your negative attitude or fear. Imagine that in front of you younger group kindergarten, and you – Santa Claus, whom they look with adoration and admiration.

What would kids feel if Santa mumbled under his breath, shifting from foot to foot and permanently dropped from the hands of a bag with gifts, stepping Snow Maiden at the hem? They would be disappointed in their idol and have lost all respect for him! But Santa Claus is to say 'I've got something for you', a fun wink to the children, and he had God of the whole evening. It was such a spirit will give you the necessary feedback. You should feel contact with the audience, a warm atmosphere and friendly company, (and here please! Pabaaaaam!) For at least a few people from the entire crowd. That is a necessary and sufficient condition for the language of mathematics. How to establish contact with the audience through the eyes of a few select people from the crowd, let it be your friends or people who you thought cute and sing for them.