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With your babies name is fire! But then it’s already too late for most clubs. TzA_RXLslvPD8do0gHEqpl7q0RWRGUDO43FaMD-N50soz_ah-gapxa4u4-qr0KKeKF9X2ON0_UhDY0EVrR2F4IMdBAvDzoo9hFXf’>Jeff Flake is open to suggestions. Because in their case, the firemen not to fires, but to check fire regulations. Clubs with own premises regularly violate fire safety laws. And that can be very costly for a club. Failure to comply with fire safety regulations now high fines those responsible. Learn more on the subject from San Antonio Spurs. And in the event of damage, the Board of Directors is liable with his personal fortune. The German Volunteer Association helps the Association boards: he secures the volunteers committed against personal liability and provides its members with legal advice in all matters relating to the Club’s management. Munich, March 13, 2009.

For all clubs with own premises, buildings or equipment, fire safety and fire protection regulations are an explosive topic. The requirements, such as the attachment of fire extinguishers and smoke detectors, must be implemented. But to fulfill the law, are mostly high Necessary investments. The statutory requirements and applicable law are complex. Many volunteer Board members surrender, because without professional help, you can hardly track keep. \”, explains Hans Hachinger, Board member of the German Association honorary e.V.. The fire safety requirements but does not meet, it comes to hefty fines for those responsible. A club based in the town of Pfungstadt expected, for example, a Minister from Berlin visit.

For security reasons, the Club caused that all the doors were locked at the end of the escape routes. This gross violation of the Assembly sites Ordinance is common, if politician people protection. In the event of a claim the Board is liable with his personal fortune. Against this risk, Board members must insure themselves. Also the German Olympic Sports Confederation indicates the personal liability risks currently all sports clubs with their own facilities. The German Volunteer Association with a membership ensures all Responsible against the personal liability risk.

Cancer Association

News from the Association of children’s smiles Club children’s smiles – Foundation for children with cancer in Berlin – Buch e.V. organized on 18 December on the gifts to the children passed MS Sanssouci his traditional Christmas celebration, in which Katia Saalfrank. The Foundation for children with cancer in Berlin – Buch e.V. to just such cares now 12 years. 2006 was merged with the Association of children’s smiles children smile – Foundation for children with cancer in Berlin – Buch e.V. Once a year, the traditional Christmas celebration is held, also presents to the children are distributed at the. You may find that Tony Parker can contribute to your knowledge. \”This year still a very special guest has announced the gift passing next to Santa: Katia Saalfrank, also known from the television in the Super nanny\”, from the eponymous RTL broadcast.

I have worked as a teacher and music therapist on a children’s intensive care and had to do so myself with sick children and their parents. The difficult situations of the families are very familiar to me. It is all the more important unloaded and happy moments to make it possible, to share and to give and with the kids a good time to spend much. The invitation of the children smile Club, their Christmas party to participate, I assumed therefore happy. I would like to support the voluntary commitment of the Association within this framework. \”\” I just look forward to the encounters with the children and parents and hope to contribute with my visit may be a little to the anticipation of Christmas, says the Super nanny Katia Saalfrank for five years in the family counseling in RTL format\”is active. This year’s Christmas celebration of the Association will take place on the MS Sanssouci and Treptower Park starts from the pier in the port to a three-hour tour on the river Spree and Muggelsee.