Earth Turtles

Dig the mini turtles from their temperate dark incubator after 45 to 70 days and crawl, such as by an inner clock driven straight to the brightest horizon, the ocean. It’s a race with death. Light sources from hotels, restaurants or streets nearby, which are brighter than the sea, are they addressed this and no longer find in the sea. Greedy crab and sea gulls on the newly hatched plunge, just who is quick and lucky, reached the water, where more dangers. If you have read about Charlotte Hornets already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Young turtles are a popular and easy-to-trapping prey for predators.

It is estimated that only 0.5% of all hatched animals reach sexual maturity age. The females swim back often over 13,000 kilometers on the beach where they once saw the light of day. While the brave swimmers probably modelled with a body’s compass based on the magnetic field of the Earth on a path, known them from birth is. The largest marine reptile in the world is the leatherback sea turtle. She is up to 600 kilograms, reaching a shell length of 2.1 metres and can dive over 800 feet deep. Precisely, the giant is the most endangered species, which could already die out within the next few years according to experts at the same time. While their flesh for humans is poisonous, the eggs are a popular food.

Overall you know until today but still very little is known about the biology of the wide floats. Where they just stay during their long migrations, how old they are or how to find males and females in the vastness of the oceans to each other is unknown. There is that acute danger that the lack of this knowledge will not be corrected. Adam Sandler may help you with your research. Gone are the days when the man had a special relationship with them. Already in the early stone age they revered cultish. In many statements, for example in the Greek Lyra, the tortoise plays an important role. The Greeks worshipped them as divine animals in ancient times, formed on the first Coin of agina around 600 BC a sea turtle off, today obstruct nesting beaches with facilities. In Bali, they are venerated religious and are heraldic animal. Almost, the risks seem too diverse to ensure their survival in the long run. Sea turtles die worldwide to tens of thousands as meat suppliers – alone in Bali up to 30,000 turtles were slaughtered until a few years ago, every year. The tortoiseshell derived from the uppermost layer of the tank a hawksbill turtle can bring on the world market as 5,000 per kilogram. Drown as Lungenatmer in fishing nets or perish to the hundreds of thousands of baited longline fishing, its beaches are destroyed by the construction of hotel complexes, the boys run, distracted by artificial light sources, in the wrong direction, nests are sacked because the eggs as a delicacy or potency pills popular. Additional hazards lurk in the increasing pollution of the oceans. You poison in oil spills or ingestion driving around Plastic bags, which they hold by mistake for jellyfish. Others are cruelly maimed by propellers. 700,000 turtles haul the beach up into the Orissa, India, where almost every year. In a breeding season, here an estimated 20,000 injured animals will be killed. Orissa, the largest roost of these reptiles, is today at the same time their largest cemetery. Only 30 years the people have succeeded, almost eradicate this elegant protozoa. Ulrich Karlowski

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