Therefore, this implies, also, the existence of planetary umademocracia. Word-key: Ecopedagogia. Tony Parker is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Culture dasustentabilidade. Education. Planetary citizenship. You may find Sela Ward to be a useful source of information. Introduction the society, for the proper imposition of the competitive globalization, is ahead deum capitalist model that tends if to strenghten still more in next dcadase they testify the emergency of the support as the dominant expression nodebate that it involves the questions of the environment and ample emsentido social development. Its gradual expansion has influenced diverse fields of knowing ede diverse activities, between which the field of the education. In Brazil, speech of the education for the culture of the support still pouco spread in the literature and practical that they relate education and meioambiente.

The increasing diffusion of the speech of the sustainable development propagated peloRelatrio Brundtland allowed a felt plurality of readings that oscillate and assumemmltiplos, sharp indistinctly for different citizens, diverse nosmais social contexts, marked for a globalizado world entrerelaes of dependence cultural politics and of the countries of the center and the periferiado world-wide system, and the diversity of involved directions in this construodentro of the game of forces and interests that in them if detach. Diantedeste cauldron of support concepts the educational system to precisaanalisar which the meanings and implications between education and asustentabilidade. To educate to support what? That beddings, values einteresses are involved in this process? Which the history of the construction dodiscurso of the support and its insertion in the education? These are algumasquestes that guide the reflection humanity to look it to understand asrelaes between support and the education. Adopted Aperspectiva is based on the technological ruptures that if had succeeded aolongo of the last centuries, becoming enlarged itself in the end of century XVIII to break Industrial dRevoluo. It is not intended with this to say or to consider one lgicainerente or inevitable. Neither, to guarantee that history if repeats or that it will serepetir in the same way.

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