Venezuelan President

This provoked the flight of investors and hurry bolivarians action before rumors that CANTV could be acquired by the Mexican businessman Carlos Slim. Among the stable shareholders of the company were the Spanish Telefonica and the American Verizon. Innumerable failures at the level of the service have already been and it seems that return to inefficiency is dormant due to lack of management, which is being disguised with the slogan that the phone is within reach of the sovereign. The Venezuelan President had pointed out in one of his speeches that tried to retake control of sectors strategic for any country, and put examples of communications, water, electricity, etc.. Everything that was privatized, nationalized. We recover the social property on the strategic means of production, added the Governor. Also took control of the four associations strategic of Pdvsa with transnational operating in the Orinoco oil Strip, topic already mentioned in previous articles, we discussed where the flight of corporations that were able to maintain the country as an axis of oil production globally.

This to accommodate oil corporations menial and without the necessary expertise, which will only come to suck something of the tanker feast that still remains, with the excuse that they are companies belonging to the ideological block that like the ruling (State or private Russian, Iranian, Belarusian, Argentine, Cuban and Brazilian Petrobras). The expropriation decision is already taken and now we will see that they they do these operators when appropriate to start the process of improving the crude from the Orinoco Belt, where draw the know-how and capital?, when we know that Russia confronts until problems to apply for international loans and not to mention Iran or Cuba. Will it put Venezuela capital and human resources? Have them really now, are not the expelled 20,000 oil workers without paying them their liquidation and their saving funds that kept inside the State?

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