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Felix Ugaz Lion

Indignation and repudiation has spread throughout the country for this reason, the Centre of students of medicine CEM – Trujillo, has issued a statement that identifies with this pain and where to express their strong rejection to the impunity leave this killing unpunished and require security, with entire rightness, an contingency fund, a budget for Bio materials for students who are exposed to be victims of various in the daily contact with patients with infectious diseases communicable diseases without proper protection measures and a plan of protection by the State. iscussion. As a former President of the CEM-Trujillo, I add me to this outrage and remind them that the great causes that CEM has defended, forging, both in the consolidation of the faculty, are causes that have demanded great days, slaughtered measures of struggle, enormous sacrifices and especially an awareness of the student body about these measures and its close relationship with the organized people represented by various Union institutionsacademic and popular. And as said the young Legionary 20 centuries ago do justice so that the truth might not perish! This fight must do justice, if there is responsible for these should be punished, this fight You must get a contingency fund a budget for these events which affect the student, a young doctor and you must also obtain the young Felix Ugaz Lion, ggsea appointed to the legion of martyrs of the medicine in the Peru..

The Coordinator

Tutors and advisors of Tema Arto. Tutors are directly responsible for advise, guide and guide the student in the methodology and areas of knowledge according to the theme of the monographic work. Arto The Coordinator of career, the head of the Department teacher and student may submit proposals to the Dean, for the appointment of guardians of monographs, bearing in mind as selection criteria the following aspects: to) teachers with a minimum of 5 years experience in higher education or in the investigacion.b) teachers ((with a minimum of 5 years experience in professional practice and the investigacion.c) teachers with master’s degree, with at least 2 years of teaching practice in higher education, research and practice 3 years profesionalesd) include teachers with administrative charges that comply with any of subparagraphs anteriores.e) professional national and/or international prestige with experience in the area of research or professional field. Arto. 16 The guardians must fulfil the following functions: to) together with the students the plan of work or schedule, which guarantees the realization of the monographic work. ((b) systematically meet the plan of counseling that allows direct and guide the implementation of the monographic work according to the objectives set out in the mismo.c) inform the relevant authority regularly on the implementation of the plan of trabajo.d) review and pointed out corrections deemed necessary, on the monographic work, during the It pre-defensa, for their improvement.

(((e) develop and submit written Dean, with a copy to the student, the valuation on the monographic work what they based the setting of the date for the defence of the mismo.f) submitted to the defence of the monographic work on quality of observador.g) El guardian can invite the defense to professors or professionals related to the topic. Arto The technical advisors of the monographic work are professionals with experience in the research field and specialty to end to the subject of the monograph and whose need will be defined by the tutor, who in turn shall inform its designation, the Dean of the respective faculty. The selection of consultants must be carried out according to the following requisito:a) enjoy prestige profesional.b) be an active part of an interagency agreement or internacional.c) have at least 3 years of professional experience in the area that has the authority to in the monographic work. Chapter IV of the labour PREDEFENSA MONOGRAPH Arto18. Predefensa activity of the Monographic work may be carried out by the students, for the improvement and orientation for the work on those aspects that are considered necessary. It has no evaluative character, but feedback.

Arto completed work monograph, the guardian shall ask Dean the revision of such work in order to set date for your predefensa. Arto.20 the tutor is required to attend the predefensa with the aim of providing more technical elements with respect to the monographic work. Advisers of the monographic issue will have the option to attend (siestos deem it necessary).


In Dominican years he published a collection of sonnets, entitled sonnets Trujillo, probably with the intention of being able to leave the country. And in Havana, he published I am Spanish. Madrigals and sonnets (1940) and Marti (1942) poems, was also director of some performances of the Teatralia group. The titles of greater relief of his numerous dramatic works include: swallows (1905), with woman and without women (1905), the salt of Madrid (1926), Voy a sercocota (1926), an almost picaresque comedy, of which ABC critic wrote: and if this adds a neat and elegant dialogue as befits cachets of Lopez Alarconeasily understand the pleasure that was heard the work, live (1929), the dictatorship (1930), chivalric Romance: melodramatic comedy to the Spanish, written in verse, in three acts and an epilogue (1933) and majos Perchel (1935), comedy opera premiered at the Teatro Calderon in Madrid. In collaboration with other dramatists wrote a number of works, with Ignacio Jose Alberti, Sebastian the scarf, or, the Fortuny Street theft: Detective film in four acts and prose, premiered at the teatro Romea in Madrid, in 1916, and the collar of emeralds (1918); with Cristobal de Castro Gutierrez, Armistead. Poem in four days (1909), the carpetbaggers (1909), in prose, picaresque comedy in four acts, long hands (1926) and the hand of the reaction, zarzuela; with Ramon de Godoy and Hall, La Tizona (1917), romantic drama, and the mother chimera, it farce romantic in four days (1918); with Alfredo Escosura, La Maragata (1931), operetta, and Fernando Alarcon, palette, humorada lirica in three acts and twenty boxes which premiered at the Teatro Eslava in Madrid, on June 9, 1933. Translations and performing versions include: in collaboration with other authors, Figaro, Barber of Seville and the marriage of Figaro, Pierre Augustin Caron de Beaumarchais; Fortunata and Jacinta, stage version of the novel of Galdos, Fuenteovejuna, Lope version of Vega, and thinking about it well, translation of Pirandello. As a poet his fundamental work is constellations (1906).

Among his novels quote: the cross of love (1909) and Melilla 1909; Chronicle of a witness, the war diary written during the operations in the Rif (1911), in which reflects his experience as a war correspondent for El Mundo, in the African campaign of 1909. This Malaga poet died in exile in Havana, left us these verses: If free Cuba gives US his legend / riveting banner and lifts your store. / Where to find, as we find here, / anvil and hammer, drum and trophy? / Where the Antonio Maceo machete? / Where the stanza and the faith of Marti? Francisco Arias Solis without freedom life is worth little. For peace and freedom and Forum free Internet portal..

Human Capital

Contrary to a widespread and unfair belief about the country is that Venezuelans are exceptionally workers. In a few countries it works both in Venezuela. Here the work is 8 to 8 at least. That 9 to 5 schedule does not exist, here the Venezuelans are working a lot. Another strength is that the character, the way of being of the Venezuelan, is very attractive.

It is very easy to treat, it is very easy to interact with him. His way of being greatly facilitates human interaction, has an excellent sense of humor, little wound, little complicated, is usually a person of one piece, does not have folds, and is very affectionate in their dealings with others. What you see usually is what is. Such things has helped much to Venezuelans inserted into other sites. Again, considering this, makes executives in his manner of addressing the problems, that the vision they have on business interactions, fairly direct and bit convoluted. There is always a touch of humor in the Venezuelan who sometimes helps to lighten heavy situations.

That is not so in other places in the world. Elsewhere people are tense, serious, with a certain depression. In this sense, the new conception of what must be a Manager is not cold and distant person, but otherwise, the new executives are awaiting your staffing needs, maintains an appropriate and respectful with them treatment that cares for both professional and personal growth. They also value their family, like teamwork and appreciate the simple things in life. Based on the above above is determined, that enterprises, and especially SMEs by their characteristic of providing employment to a large number of Venezuelans has a fundamental role in the development of this valuable human resource which we have. Management must make appropriate use of these resources following the recommendations listed below: Promote the strengthening of the skills of the managers, through actions of training, consulting and technology services, where you have access to the place where it belongs: provide semi-finished products to the large company, producing innovations in products and processes, and be a great employer source. Train managers in effective leadership so that in this way the enthusiasm within the company to promote and motivate the realization of group activities and not as a rigid structure. Preparing people for change and have flexible staff enabling them to be more productive, faster to the market. The processes and actions that are held in the management of human resources should be also evaluated in terms of investment, risk, and costs just as is done with other processes of companies. You must not forget then that SMEs represent an important part for the Venezuelan economy; She is not bad for what it is, but by the way in which these organizations have been formed, is required to implement a system of rules that allow things work, equally if not wanted a solution that would allow the same clean up is and grow, it would be short-term unemployment problems and major social imbalances. Take into account, that most importantly that companies have is its capital, nor investment in sophisticated and costly equipment, nor even its most significant production is its Human Capital, and this must be understood by management. Only when this is understood and valued, may obtain all the improvements that are required to be more productive and competitive in a globalized world.

The Organization

For the leader of a team, the lead is not just a matter of your personal performance; is how much more can be achieved through the team of people who are going in the same direction and with the same direction. Leaders need to get people moving in the same direction. 2. Encourage ownership generally people acquire a sense of ownership when they help to create something. When they feel that they are at the service of a cause that involves not only them and benefits to themselves, and they become partakers and co-stars in the achievement of that cause or purpose. It is important to awaken in people the commitment that comes from identifying with a vision, project or task, in which they feel they have an important contribution to.

People are willing to commit to a cause. If you not order the commitment his people someone else will do it, but for other different cause. People need to contribute with something greater than themselves: this this need in the heart of the people. When we foster the sense of property values and principles are not doing another thing that identify and remove what is already in the heart of the other person, as well as develop in this person to strengthen and encourage their actions. 3. Create an atmosphere a culture that promotes participation and commitment of the people.

The leader is responsible for promoting an environment where people feel motivated to participate, where people feel that their concerns are addressed, that their ideas are taken into account, that your contributions are appreciated. A environment that promotes participation and commitment. 4 Track to the management of people, providing feedback throughout the process. It requires a constant realignment effort. The alignment is not only a specific action or event; It is a process and never ends. Align a team takes time. Communicate the vision and the values associated with it, creating a culture of us, attach the Organization’s work processes with people, promote an organizational climate of harmony, requires an effort and a constant adaptation, given the changing reality and the environment. Now since circumstances can often get at the Organization of the road to the achievement of the vision and goals, requires an effort of constant realignment to focus on what is important. A way to make return to the path of what is important is to have a constant feedback of what is happening in the environment and within the organization. This feedback gives us the systems both formal (financial information, control of management, the evolution of the market, etc.) as well as informal systems of the Organization and, fundamentally, the contact with people, appreciate the human side of management.

The Procedures

Asegrese that the leaf of the mountain range is parallel to the flank of the table. The squared process of is completed with a milling machine and, with the aid of a rule or squares and a plane. In order to verify the quadrature, a false square measures the edges using. In order to square the ends of the tables a different procedure is due to use. This one can be realised of two ways. Assuring that the mitre is in squares with the cut table, simply it will have cross-sectionally to cut the work pieces on the table. Another form is to cut to the pieces using a mountain range of radial arm, assuring that close it is in squares with the leaf. Again, a false square would have to be used to verify its work.

For very great pieces, he would be more appropriate than it used a rule of carpenter. For the plywood, the procedures previously mentioned are not useful. In fact, the edges of the plywood can be used as a guide for the milling machine. Then, to cut the plywood, it will only need to mark and to cut squaring of smaller scale. Squaring its projects the squared one is one of the polygons more used, and, even so most tedious to make.

It is why it must be congratulated if its work comes out well. If it has managed to exceed the challenge to make squaring, then the stability is ready to give to the following step. The quadrature of the project affects its function because the quadrature directly is related to the stability. The stability is the one that allows that the doors, drawers, etc. work correctly. The length of the parts determines if a project is square. For example, the length of the division of a bookcase determines if it will be in squares or no.

Flamenco Festival

Each song was orally transmitted from generation to generation, no music written and performed individually by each performer or performer. Eventually, the singer would be accompanied by the sound of a guitar, the movements of a dancer, or both. Whenever James Cameron listens, a sympathetic response will follow. The theme of the songs has been expanded to include topics such as love, death, and the celebration, even politics and humor, the development of the different flamenco styles that exist today. The musical influences of Arabic, Jewish and even Andalusian culture local gradually became a part of the sound. What began as a thick voice, continuous, with the sound of the guitar, the movements of a dancer of accompaniment, and later, the applause of the audience, which accentuates the rhythm of the music. In fact, flamenco is an experience that shouldn’t be missed, and if your itinerary includes a trip to Seville, is very likely, a range of options that may occur to the magic and the thrill of the experience. A visit to the Museum of Flamenco Dance (dance Flamenco Museum) is a good place to start learning about the history of dance. Open 9 am 7 pm, visitors have the opportunity to browse a collection of audio-visual screens, permanent exhibitions, and teaching studios, spread over the three floors of this multi-million dollar project which opened in 2006.

They have season performances in the evenings during the summer, or also to participate in classes and workshops that throughout the year. Those interested in a dinner and a drink with flamenco performance are directed to Los Gallos flamenco show in the plaza de Santa Cruz, for 20 euros, with drink included. Or Flamenco Tablao El Arenal, near the plaza de toros in a restored building from the 17TH century. Shows with or without dinner 30 euros are offered. There are plenty of bars offering nights of flamenco, sometimes even for free. It’s a great way to experience flamenco without having to pay more than what you drink. You can choose to attend to a show with music or dance only.

There are plenty of bars in the old town of the city, such as El Tamboril or Carboneria in Santa Cruz. Every two years, the biennial of Flamenco Festival is celebrated in Seville, which attracts artists from throughout Spain and tourists from around the world. The spectacle of the day, is set for the year 2008, usually around September. Those who have the good fortune to witness a performance live, impromptu, late at night in a bar smoked on the outskirts of the city, is likely that encountering a moving experience, as close to traditional flamenco that can get. The idea that flamenco is nothing beyond a theatrical performance of eye-catching colors and dance could not be further from the truth. The Flemish of truth is not heard, but experienced by the public. Some say that flamenco can not see, but it has to feel. An experience of communication between artists performers and the audience. It is a conversation to through the music. Before traveling to Sevilla, remember to reserve one of the apartments for rent Sevilla can be booked online! Seville holiday apartments have everything you need!

Gifts For Your Woman

A bird in a cage or a sculpture – it is the best gift for your lady, if she comes from Switzerland. Reservation only, that each of the species of birds – a special sign, which she probably familiar from childhood, so be extremely careful with the choice. For example, a dove – a symbol of fidelity and everlasting love, sparrow – poverty and happiness, robin – Life in the long separation (because of the occupation, for example) … Traditional worldwide valentine – just a trivial gift, but also relevant. Another example of a spiritual celebration. March 10, in Switzerland, widely Mothers Day is celebrated.

Traditional presentations are, of course, flowers and sweets. Gain insight and clarity with Vanessa Marcil. It should be noted that sold them on that day so much that bakers and florists call this date the most profitable in the year. The best a gift presented to loved men and children on this day, Swiss consider dinner at a cozy restaurant. As a practical advice is to add: take care of booking a table in advance, otherwise the embodiment with the idea of such a gift in life will be unreal. Celebration of the grape harvest, Halloween, Christmas, Day of National Flag Day of St. Nicholas, the Escalade …

Continue the story of Swiss traditions can be infinite as well how about a present intended for each holiday separately. The main idea of my story is that the residents of this extraordinary country throughout their lives feel of a fairy-tale characters action and most of all appreciate those foreign guests, friends and relatives who know their traditions and present gifts to less expensive price, as dear to his heart. Simply put, the Swiss can buy other than himself watch or a pen and piece of mind – money can not buy. Musical greeting cards, photo frames with hand made, a romantic dinner in a tavern, a set of candles – it's only part of this gift to a resident of Switzerland. Main – to present his gift in special circumstances, with soul and sincerity in his voice! On that note, let bow. Thank you and see you in February, when we talk about the gifts the people of Italy ..


Youngest child also commercializes in its page Web patches, t-shirts and other articles with the image of the Note or phrases of the personages of the comedy, released in 1998 and that enjoys estatus of cult in the USA, where every year the Lebowski Fest for most enthusiastic is celebrated. The movement soon will remove its own book from self-help The Abide Guide and even The Rug, a social network in Internet for the world-wide community of sluggish. The principles of the creed have their roots in certain elements of the buddhism, Hinduism and mainly the taosmo, from whose sacred book Tao You Ching arose Dude De Ching, a species of bible that eliminates ” all the straw mitolgica” of the lessons of the Laozi teacher. ‘ Dudeism’ it proclaims in his decalogue online to be ” the religion that grows lenta” more; , a millenarian philosophy ” that it preaches not to preach, and to practice less possible ” , ” but what you look for is good will and good roll, nete when you finish siesta”. Also it maintains that the philosophy that promotes the Note is very previous to the one of the Great Lebowski and between the prophets who supposedly spread their message throughout History they find Epicurus, Jesus Christ or mordacious novelist Kurt Vonnegut, icon of the alternative in the Sixties and seventy.

Laozi is reincarnated thus in Jeff Lebowski, its new identity of hippy cuarentn, player of ninepin and smoker of marijuana in unemployment: the antihero par excellence. ” It is a religion modern but very similar to the old ones, when originally they were cleaner and puras” , precise Youngest child, that learned when younger Castilian when she was student of interchange in the Spanish city of Granada. According to ‘ Dudely Lama’ , ‘ dudeism’ it is a directed current of thought to look for the spiritual balance and to purify the soul through finding the happiness in the simple things of the life, not accumulating to be able and wealth as the neoconservatives in the United States defend. ” The Note is the counterpoint of Walter (John Goodman), who believes itself at any moment in possession of the truth and he does not admit other opinions, just as the foreign policy of Washington under the presidency of George W. Bush” , it points east agnostic and convinced pacifist.

Financial Goal

If one is a money goal, like in the previous example, you you know how much money needs to clear every day. audi-arabian-oil-co/’>Chevron Corp.. So now it must find out what action must take every day to be able to do that. If its objective is to carry out a project, its line of time is divided in different steps that need to finish the aim obtaining the totality of the realised project. For example, if you are writing a book, perhaps it must make some investigations before being able to write. So the first important profit in its way to that goal is to complete the investigation. Soon it is necessary to determine a time to complete his basic scheme. Next, a time to complete each chapter. Next, a time for its edition.

You can be out of each important step in small steps that every day is due to make to complete all the book by its date limit. Now that you see what you will have to make every day to achieve its great objective, he pregntese if the task of every day is reasonable. He is truthful. If you know that you can do what every day is required, then you have his plan. If it is going to be very difficult to fulfill the requirement of every day, next, to extend its line of time until there is something you you know that you can do every day. This way, it is being prepared for the safe success! He is as the old philosopher said: ". A trip of thousand miles begins with paso" Not it matters what so great is your dream, it disturbs if it in small steps that can do every day, you you find his way towards the full success of the joy, wrath reaching many goals. Reaching its smaller goals, I assure to him that it is on way to reach its dream! You will gain the confidence that needs to continue and to receive the desire that it must do everything what it requires itself in action that every day! He celebrates the profit of the objectives and enjoys his trip to the safe success! Original author and source of the article.