Horticultural Education

If you are looking for options to acquire any type of plant for the garden or to decorate any space, nurseries in Spain are a great option for finding everything you need in terms of plants and the different components needed to provide maintenance and control that these manifestations of nature need. Some of the leading nurseries in Spain can be found: Bridge again: this type of nursery is fully involved in the formation of perfect gardens, applying the concepts of the landscape, which is achieved by the passage of the most beautiful aesthetic values filled spaces formed by nature and various components ranging from the rustic to the more subtle, based on engineering studies bases.

It is accompanied accompanies other activities of the garden such as landscaping, forestry work stocking, horticultural treatments, garden maintenance, plus several plant sale. Here, Howard Schultz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. If you want to locate or contact Bridge again its facilities are located on National Road 323-A, Km 39 in the town of new bridge, Jaen province or you can call 953 322 117. Mediterranean plants: a nursery is present in the plant market and everything related to these last 20 years, carrying out work aimed at the production, cultivation and marketing of a wide variety of ornamental plants. In the development of the life of Mediterranean plants, have long supported the work in the implementation of technology to extend the range of crops, which has led to today has 65 hectares for the production of plants, Plants which draws from an immense variety of Mediterranean plants.

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