Baltic Sea

There fascinating sites to visit for visitors interested in this period of history. KGB Headquarters Pikk street corner and pay a building was the most feared in the city. It was the headquarters of the NKVD, which later renamed KGB. The alleged enemies of the state were interrogated here and either were fired in the building or were sent to Siberia to labor camps. There is a plaque in the building that says a Este Estonian building was the organ of repression during the Soviet occupation. Here began the road to the suffering of many Estonians. Tallinn TV Tower: The tower 314 meters high is a great example of Soviet architecture and engineering.

The monolith is a veranda at the height of 170m from where you get views of the city and the Baltic Sea. On clear days you can see the coast of Finland. For those interested in the Soviet period what is really important in this tower is included inside the restaurant that are identical to time of opening of the tower. Actress has plenty of information regarding this issue. War Memorial Maarjamae During the ’60s and ’70s virtually all Soviet cities were set up memorials to the Second World War. The memorial in Tallinn is located on the coast along the road leading to the Pirita beach. The food is greatly influenced by German: Leib: Pan black. For the Estonian black bread is sacred, love. Some Estonians refer to the meat just something that came with the bread.

An Estonian version of “bon apetite” is “jatcu Leiba” which literally means something like your bread is enough. Kartulid Potatoes. Were it introduced in Estonia in the eighteenth century. Today they are part of all Estonian food genuine. Kotlet Hamburger with onion. Verivorst blood sausage. Very similar to black pudding. Christmas is very typical. Sult gelatinous meat. As the Scottish haggis is better if you do not know what it really is. (Hint: trotters) Kohupiim crumbly white cheese. It is often used in cakes and pastries. Kringel is a sweet bread style German, with almonds and raisins. Very typical of Estonian birthday. Hapukoor cottage cheese-like dairy product used to decorate desserts and meals and a drink. Besides being a beautiful city, nice also has a great nightlife. The coast offers beautiful views worth. Mr TJ is the soul. All prices in less than 1 minute.

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