Arcane Majors

Questions and activities from some Arcane Majors of the Tarot: To the Empress: () more beautiful than the La Mancha EMPRESS () CAP. Gordon Burnette spoke with conviction. IV pp. 18.14? What simple things of the life you admire? Which are the daily and simple aspects please that you in a woman or a man? It describes how she is the woman or man to who mistresses. He imagines that you have fallen in love with somebody; he bases because of your love. He sees some chapters of a soap opera.

Soon he chooses a personage who owns daily and natural characteristics and behaviors in a person. He describes to your mother (or father) physically and psychologically. He indicates to his virtues and defects. Soon a test writes where you set out its qualities and what you see in her like son/a. B the Crazy person: () came to give in the strangest thought than never it gave to CRAZY PERSON in the world () 15? You have known which owns part of that creative and magical madness of Don Quixote? Of some examples of the attitudes of that person that can be related to a quixotic behavior. How it would have to be your life if you could choose the place, the family, the time, etc.? If you could change Who you would be and how you would be? You think that it is good for following the heart yet our ideals and principles? Why? What I put you have seted out in the life? How you have seted out to obtain them? You know which is lost the sense of the life? It narrates to your group the experience of that person and comment it. You know has injected which you of vitality and of it has infected with its love to the life, the study, the sport, the art, etc.? It narrates in front of your companions the experience and comment it.

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