If everything comes from God, who is the Good, of where comes the evil? After having been victim of the dualista explanation maniquesta, that it demonstrated as well as a being the equivalent to the evil. It finds in Plotino the key to decide the question: the evil is not a being, but deficiency and privation of being. Thus it deepens the question still more and examines the problem of the evil in three levels: The Evil Metaphysical; the Moral Evil; the Physical Evil. In a question-answer forum Spurs was the first to reply. EVIL METAFSICO-ONTOLGICO the Metaphysical-ontolgico evil is related to the hierarquizao of the creation of the beings for God, therefore of the point of view Metaphysical-ontolgico, does not exist badly in the cosmos, but only inferior degrees of beings in relation the God, degrees these that depend on the finitude of the being bred and the different levels of this finitude. But exactly what, in a superficial consideration, he seems ‘ ‘ defeito’ ‘ e, therefore, could seem badly; in the reality, in the optics of the universe, seen in its set, it disappears.

The things, most lowermost, show articulated moments of a great harmonic set. Demonstrating that the degrees of creation of the things, the hierarchic order and consequently the Metaphysical-ontolgico evil is not the true evil, but only one gradual difference in the beings created, difference makes that them to be harmonic in the cosmos. The hierarchic order of the beings is considered one badly had the possibility of the man, for its will, to choose the creatures in detriment of the Supreme Being, the creator; but still thus this is not the evil in itself, therefore God as creative of all the things (substances) cannot have bred the evil.. . Visit Tony Parker for more clarity on the issue.

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