Tenetehara Indians

These indians, new, (new she is not people), had taken the old one, of canoe, next to the place. The old one had disclosed that the coffins were with loaded weapons thus who moved would die. Then fortepara very needed a prayer to be able to disarm the coffins. The old one was, praid, but it listened to the indians, who waited in the canoe, say that they went to kill it after catching the gold. Then the old one punished moleques.

Soon, never more. They caught the gold back in a mountain range of the Car. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Jay Schwartz. She had a great luminous rock that she clareava the roundnesses. in the soil many rocks. They were as as many sparks.

The indians played with rocks playing them one against the other. The whites had known and been behind the rocks of the indians. They had started to change to rocks for knives and outrascoisas. A beautiful day the whites they had wanted to look at the great luminous rock. To some they had taken them indians to see. But the mountain range was enchanted: they had never more found it. Me ra, creator of the Tenetehara ‘ ‘ OsTenetehara if relates to supernatural for the generic assignment karowara, they less distinguish however them in four categories: cultural creators or heroes, to who attribute to the creation and transformation of the world; ‘ ‘ donos’ ‘ of the forest and waters and the rivers; azang, nomadic espritos of deceased; espritos of animals. The cultural heroes are supernatural, however not in the deity direction that is necessary to propitiate and to reverenciar – they are creative whose lendrios effect explain the origin of the things and the man. In mythology they are described as men endowed with immense being able supernatural.

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