Yes Yes

You would be so versatile, who could all. Jay Schwartz is open to suggestions. You could do dressage. You could but also a trail jump, go to the area and would here and there to jump over a large brush. We have also brush at home. With red and black bristle. But I think that are not so great. Is also not quite clear why you should jump in.

When you climb over it, this you must not jump Yes Yes it enough if you kick that away with the hoof? If Bush riding is so varied, that would be something for me”, I said to Ruby. Educate yourself with thoughts from Vanessa Marcil. I’m just dressage in the area, I can even go, the jumping is also determines if one practices the”. Because Ruby has laughed at me! He said that I was first too fat and secondly too large. Thirdly, I would have a much too complex translation and fourthly I would to unwendig. And when I would jump so like my mother then cheers meal. I found this statement actually not very nice.

I also do not then more asked. I was pretty pissed off. Traipse through terrain so a bit and jump over a brush. What rubbish. That anyone can do and why must I take off that’s why? I’m not so thick Yes now. And the round rib, I inherited that from my mom. It’s not all fat. Also, it must say just with his prosperity Wampe we then no longer talked about this. He doesn’t do so, stupid me! Last week, draft from the neighborhood, and I as always were aunt barf, the Black Forest in the area. This time it was also pretty exciting. We have seen Buschis. They were on the train. Only that are galloping many rounds through the forest on a large range, then training was practiced. That was already very strange. You have even no momentum and you struggle (won’t?) did.

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