Breitling combines his two passions the chronograph and aeronautics by proposing a limited series of its legendary Navitimer model equipped with caliber 01 manufacturing mechanism. Presented in an edition of 2,000 pieces of steel and 200 pieces of red gold, the Navitimer caliber 01 is characterized by its diameter slightly higher and its background of transparent Sapphire which allows you to admire its high-performance engine. A very anticipated by lovers of the brand of B with wings, and a real piece of collection for all fans of beautiful mechanical chronographs and model aviation. In 2009, Breitling marks a major milestone in its history into the select circle of the rare houses watch possessing its own mechanical decronografo mechanism. A logical culmination to a brand that is among the leaders of this sector of the complication, and that has played a vital role in its technical development: invention of the first independent button (1915), separation of the functions of start/stop and return to zero (1923), creation of the second independent button for return to zero (1934), launch of first chronograph automatic loading (1969). Premiere-caliber 01, first mechanism developed and manufactured entirely in the Breitling workshops, equipped a new exclusive version of the leader model Chronomat, baptized with the name of Chronomat 01.

The famous Navitimer, exponent of his aeronautical vocation model Breitling now incorporates another watchmaker icon. Breitling caliber 01: A high-performance mechanism, assembled according to a gifted revolutionary method of original architecture, the mechanism of automatic chronograph caliber 01 represents the culmination of the quest for precision and reliability that has marked always to instruments for professionals Breitling. Equipped with a wheel of pillars, a vertical clutch and a power reserve of more than 70 hours, it is designed to offer maximum functionality and safety of use. It also presents several innovative features aimed at facilitating manufacture and employment, including a patented back hammers self-centring device to zero and an exclusive system of raqueteria which allows a quick and personalized setting the clock according to the needs of the user. This caliber of exception is also distinguished by its pioneer production and Assembly method. Inspired by an avant-garde concept used in other leading sectors, Breitling has developed a type of industrial production that has revolutionized the traditional way of assembling mechanisms. Each gauge is individually managed by a ultrasofisticado logiciel which leads automatically to the proper position, along a route where alternate fully automated posts and those that require manual intervention. All stages of adjustment are integrated within this process, so out of the chain, each caliber 01 is perfectly prepared for rigorous testing of the Swiss official Control of chronometers (COSC). A guarantee of genuine reliability at large scale.

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