You do not need to be a risk, you won’t find your happiness. Question: but you are willing to try anyway? Answer: As I mentioned earlier the stories wrong in relationships with men of Ukraine It can happen also, but they don’t stop, we stand and go ahead for another adventure in the courtship and marriage. International relations between the man and the woman are the same story. Question: You are a Lady of great beauty. As a programmer, do you think that you have a greater chance of success outside Ukraine? Response: Yes. I think that as a programmer I have good opportunities abroad. Now that I graduated from the Polytechnic University of Poltava and then I want to try in this field and I don’t want to confine myself only to the search for my future within the borders of Ukraine. It is important to have a strong desire and persistence to achieve his goal.

Question: For me Ukraine is an enigma, very pretty, very educated and smart people seem to have much potential and yet seems life very hard.Is improving? Do you feel life is improving in Ukraine? Answer: Yes, Ukraine and life develops better and easier. Unaware of this, because the changes come very slowly. Question: Why? do you think that Russian women are so popular among men of the world? Answer: Is well known that Slavic women are very beautiful, also are good wives, we put first, professional development the values of the family and only after this,.We have a particular characteristic, at the same time that we are maintaining and taking care of our family, we can develop our career. I think that a Slavic woman is a dream for any man! Question: do you know about the life outside Ukraine? Been reported in any way in terms of the way of life in any foreign country? Answer: I know that life is not easy outside Ukraine also, but there are more clearity and vision for the future than here.

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