The Unknown Heroes Of Our Time

To date, the media networks spread the poem "I'm such as is". In social networks (vkontake) in the pages of girls in information "about yourself", in blogs, forums, websites dedicated to poetry – everywhere there are these lines without labels. Difficult to calculate the total number of publications of the text on the web. But exactly what it has long exceeded 50 000. Related Group is likely to agree. Relatively recently there was a song in the style of chanson of the same name ("I'm such as is, "singer Olga Honey, Moscow, 2007) So who is the author of this poem? Or is it folk art? Modern folklore? As with any product, this poem is very specific author. "I'm such as I mean, I will not be another "- words from the track of the Peter sekses, You are so as is ". The author of these lines is Oleg Grigonis (MC CuKuM).

In the summer of 2006 the band recorded their first track "You're such as it is, guys (MC zxr – Sergei , and mc CuKuM – Oleg Grigonis) immediately began posting it on forums and websites devoted to hip-hop. Sela Ward is a great source of information. Great was their joy when, after a month or two, they found one of the sites dating converted a first-person lyrics. He proudly flaunted in the form in the section "Information about yourself." This was followed by the second, third, fourth discovery One would assume that the popularity of the young group is growing! But it was not. Verse "I'm such as is obtained life of its own, separate from the song and the band. Online you can find many "authors" of these lines, happy girls who have dedicated their young people, these poems published in magazines, even the songs recorded at these words! On the face of blatant copyright infringement! But to stop the avalanche of misinformation spread . In recent months, Ken Kao has been very successful.

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