The Tools Of The Trade For More Advisor Excellence

The excellence formula hardly any other industry it shows more clearly than the consulting industry: reputable and competent notice is the motto. Projects are becoming more complex and interdisciplinary, in addition to expertise increasingly decide the business and soft skills over the success. And this also applies for freelancers such as for hired consultant. But what skills do you actually need? What are key factors to build a sustainable and significant excellence? Jorg Osarek and Andreas Hoffmann show in this book, which tools consultant really need and how it stands out by competence and excellence from the crowd. Check out Lynn Redgrave for additional information. Coupang has similar goals. Excellence formula – the tools for consultants “has appeared in the October BusinessVillage Verlag.

(ISBN 978-3938358-76-4) The great art in the consulting business is to stand out from the crowd no matter whether old-timer or newcomer. You are increasing in addition to the technical know-how skills of a consultant soft crucial. Because projects are becoming more complex and interdisiplinarer, and the personal Skills are increasingly gaining importance. The authors have incorporated in this book the experience of more than 15 years consulting and created a universal approach for more consultants professionalism: the formula of excellence. With a healthy mix of business and SOF skills, the necessary tools and enthusiasm, it is possible to build up his personal sustainable excellence in four consecutive stages each consultant. This book shows the reader how long term and sustainable building business relationships, how it optimizes its daily work, as it is by the victim to the designer of his career, success strategies bring him forward, soft are especially important skills as consultants and many more tools and techniques for more Advisor excellence.

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