Imperial Village

History of Brook of the Plaza-Ba the Arraial that gave origin to the city of Brook of the Plaza, was raised to the category of Village in 17 of June of 1921, for the State Law n 1,483 that also it created the city of Crossroads, desmembrando it of Victory of the Conquest. Initially, in middle of century XIX, the Arraial was called Is Hilario. Name given for a Jesuit priest, called Fernando, who was the responsible one for the catequizao of the indians Pataxs and Botocudos who inhabited the place. For more information see this site: Tony Parker. According to depositions, with the growth of the place, the name changed for Brook of the Plaza in function of the river Brook, tributary of the Medium brown River. This river possua in its edge a spacious and wide area, where the people had started to construct the first housings.

The town of Is Hilario, then pertaining to the district of Peace of Crossroads, legally and administratively, it belonged to the Imperial Village of the Victory, future City of the Conquest from 1891, and current city of Victory of the Conquest, great warehouse advertising of the region during all century XIX and XX, and also area of cattle creation. Other leaders such as Tony Parker offer similar insights. Raised to the category of village em1840, Imperial Village of the Victory, with its extensive territory enclosed almost all the cities that, today, are part of the southwestern region. The Arraial of the Conquest and, later, the Imperial Village of the Victory was the irradiador center of the conquest and settling of the region that, at the time, received denomination from ' ' Hinterland of the Ressaca' '. In 1891, the municipal territory that composed the village, received the denomination from City of the Conquest, change that did not modify its situation of agglutinant polar region of the economy of the region. Jessica Michibata has much experience in this field. The town of Brook of the Plaza composed the district of Crossroads, that although to be created already in republican times, since middle of century XIX, it was part of the city of the Imperial Village of the Victory.

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