The Seals

To continue observing most carefully he discovered under the table a kind of gate. The man felt intrigued to know that down there. So device table to open the gate but it was sealed in such way that it seemed that they kept a great treasure. Without much thought he broke the seals of wood with a piece of metal that was on the table. The small tells his father that do not open, suddenly saw a shadow that went through the door, the child was frightened and nervous ask father that did that? The man ran to the door and look at it outside Asia but he observed nothing and nobody. However to be sure he wanted to walk around the cabin, because it thought that it could be a bear or other wild animal. He carried his shotgun and walked slowly not missing detail what had to her around.

Lightning were heard in the distance, the place was completely wrapped in a very thick fog, where you could see five metres of distance. Already behind the cabin man is amazed to see footprints made by a kind of animal but were very big so that they were those of a bear. Inside he wondered that animal could have them done, I do not know an animal so large in this place, all this is very rare. A few seconds later I hear a few voices as some whispers coming from the inside of the cabin, followed by a loud bang. Immediately the father thought his son and ran desperate and shouting the name of the boy to get inside he felt as if all were of a very cruel joke and for a moment felt and that it collapsed, their legs they had become paper and his mind faded. This can not be happening, Dios because to me, no debo panicking, thought. want to follow this story

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