The Hamburg

Ryanair had changed the conditions of carriage of baggage and unchecked baggage using mid March 2006. Then every passenger had to, as far as the baggage previously was registered, a fee of 3,50 euro per piece of baggage (from September 2006: 4.50 euro, meanwhile: 10 euro, as of February 2009) pay. Passengers, who had not previously reported the baggage, had to pay a fee of 7 for each checked piece of luggage. It’s believed that movie actress sees a great future in this idea. Each passenger was allowed to take one piece of hand baggage up to 10 kg free. Ryanair was urged to withdraw the misleading advertising and in particular to point out that a fee will be charged for each checked piece of luggage.

Ryanair did the. In the court proceedings before the Landgericht Hamburg Ryanair against the default prompt with the argument that consumers with low-cost airlines are used to, that diversification performance achievements defended himself”, as it was expressed. Ryanair argued therefore, that consumer it would be used to pay additional fees for checked baggage and would correspond to this widespread practice of the industry. The Hamburg district court saw it differently and banned Ryanair continue as referred to advertise (Landgericht Hamburg, judgment of 20.12.2006, ref.: 315 O 776/06). The LG Hamburg qualified the advertisement as misleading, because these were not the reality. Then expect passengers while offering a flight, to be able to give up pieces of luggage to the usual extent, without having to pay an additional fee for the task of the suitcase at the check-in for this.

This also applies to flights with budget airlines. Ryanair therefore fooled the passengers with the advertising. Ryanair was Interestingly internals in the process and informed that 75% of air passengers of Ryanairs would give up one or several cases. Ryanair tried to defend that the flights with Ryanair offered drinks only for a fee with the argument and the Passengers is well known.

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