Team Aworkx Akrapovic

Unfortunately for the team a-workx Akrapovic in Hockenheim, no more conciliatory end of season free practice and qualifying Friday of this last ADAC MASTERS WEEKENDS of the season 2011 was initially very promising with 3rd place in the free practice. In qualifying, could Sebastian Asch to prove once again the top performance of the a-workx Akrapovic Porsche 911 GT3 R and launched with a flawless lap in the front row. Had no luck in the qualifying Lottery”in the 38 vehicles strong starting field, however, the second a-workx Akrapovic pilot Michael Ammermuller. No free round wanted to succeed him at the end of the launch site was the best possible result 16. Race 1-full Starter box with 38 vehicles, finest late summer weather and a track on which the team cope a workx Akrapovic with the Porsche 911 GT3 R is always excellent. Nearly 35,000 visitors are finale in Hockenheim this weekend at the GT masters. Sebastian Asch starts superbly, can hold his second position and settles with the leading Alpina B6 GT3 with Lunardi at the wheel of the remaining field.

Initially, ash can exert even pressure on the leading Alpina. As he but runs up in the 30th minute on the upcoming to the uberrundung Lamborghini Gallardo by Peter Kox, this unexpectedly shut the door”and moves inward. Ash cannot avoid a collision and must abandon the race with a broken wheel hub. 2 also in the second race run on Sunday it not much better than the day before running a workx Akrapovic for the team. The course at the beginning looked different: an unleashed moving Michael Ammermuller was able with an once again perfect start to sensational 8 positions improved. But a Viper out of control addiction the Porsche at the rear, then turned off the track and had to resume the race ranked 23 ahead of the curve of Sachs. What followed wasn’t in a featured fightback with a quite demolished car, which also Sebastian Asch continued after the pit stop more than 11th place was however at the end. Michael Ammermuller: we are in this season with 16 races eventually eight times “accidentally by the stick bowled was, first of all, one must have so much bad luck.” Sebastian Asch: was important for me personally, that we have shown that we must count on us, we were so often at the front and certainly would be shut on the podium. We saw that we are capable of winning and team, car and drivers performance is true.” Team Chief Niko Wieth: We have shown that we can go at any time as most successful Porsche team in the top rankings. Also with Sebastian Asch and Michael Ammermuller, I am more than satisfied! I am very confident that we go with slightly less pitch next season for the Championship!”

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