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The PYG series hydraulic cone crusher is the latest product of Hongxing Company, which combines single cylinder cone crusher and PYF cone crusher, adopting a more advanced design concept. With the big crushing strength, high efficiency, large capacity, low cost, easy to adjust and economic usage, this equipment is widely used in metallurgy, construction, road building, chemical industry and hydrated silica industry.Because of the material components and reasonable structure, it has a longer service life. The particle size of finished product evenly reduces the circulation load. The hydraulic chamber – cleaning system in medium and large sized crushers reduces the machine s stopping time. There are many chambers type for each machine, so the customers have many choices to meet their demand. This machine adopts the lubrication grease seal system and avoids the defects of water supplying and discharging block as well as the easily mix of water and oil. The spring insurance system is overload protection device.

It can make the foreign matter and iron ore go through the crushing chamber and not damage it. In addition, the perfect combination of high crushing cavity and high crushing frequency the processing capacity greatly improves performance. And because of the adopting laminated crushing principle, most of the stone crushing products are in cubic shape. The optimum design and hydraulic protection make it have fewer breakdowns. Generally speaking, its fault free operation can surpass 85% ratio.This machine can be divided in to standard type and short head type.

Generally speaking, the standard type has the big size and the discharging size coarse feeding. The short head type have steep crushing awl and the feeding material size is small. It is to help produce the very small sized material. In general, the standard type is used for coarse and medium crushing. And the short head type is used for medium and fine crushing. Impact crushing machine: mill:


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