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Dolinsk Work

Humanitarian principles that guided in their lives, not lost their relevance to the present day. That's why after the reburial K. Mechieva Dolinsk people immediately drawn to the poet's grave to pay homage to him, to give tribute. The fate of the great estates Balkar poet, which is located high in the mountains in the village of Shiki, attended to earlier. It opened the house-museum of K.

Mechieva. Carried out restoration work, found the necessary exhibits. However, because of the lack of real objects that surrounded Kyazimov in life or even identical, belonging to his age, had to be satisfied that we have found. But, I suppose, that the efforts of enthusiasts eventually turn into a mansion a veritable museum of the great poet. The memory of the poet managed to perpetuate and granite.

Now the country has more than one monument to the great poet and philosopher: in Nalchik, Shiki, Babugente. Source: Tony Parker. Reflecting on Poetry Kazimov, we can not note the significance of his legacy for people currently living and future generations, which is quite natural, since the immeasurable contribution to the development of a Mechieva Balkar and world culture. But, of course, it is especially great value for the native people. In this regard, it is appropriate to recall the assessment, which gave his work, another great poet Balkaria – Kaisyn Guliyev: "Kazimov Mechiev raised our national artistic thought to a large height, has become for us, Balkar, like a model of the poet. If there is anything significant in the current Balkar poetry, then it has grown from kyazimovskih roots. " No matter how original, no matter how unusual poetry Kazimov, it has a purely Balkar color. It is the poet who conceived purely Balkar categories, indicating a deep national roots of his creativity. He managed to grasp the depth of the souls of his people and to convey this in their products. The better learn Kazimov and his work, the more they seem to be significant. Poems Mechieva affect their sincerity, imagery and precision of language. His works contain all human feelings, enriched the literature with something new, unknown, which the researchers of his work has not yet found the exact definition. Many of his poems were Kyazimov Mechieva textbook, they serve as role models for future Balkar generations, have been translated into other languages. But even the most successful translations can not convey all the nuances, the depth, content and artistic features of the works of the great poet. Popularization his work hampered by a lack of literary research, appropriate his genius, poor promotion of his works. And only when they appear, his name will shine next to the names of the greatest, world-renowned thinkers and creators.