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CAMPING 31/01/10 YOU YOU (1x) TURU TURU (2x) – I hear drum sound, does not ask please I do not know what it has more I to me I want to arrive close. to see what this sound happens drives crazy that me. The night is a group of young camped in the forest tanning making its rites thanking the laughs making commitment with the one to be Natural call LUAU. They see the NATURE as the biggest Largeness as a sound that if spreads without stopping therefore they want to camp and to sing for optimum if approaching. – Without wanting see they me and what she can happen? YOU YOU (1x) TURURURU TURURURU (2x) They drag me for the center show the event to me dancing and singing envocando and me calling to bend down and the moon to observe and to wait the dawn it stops in the water if it wets in the sand to step on and leves of the trees to chew all soon to hug itself and in languages if to communicate and in tomorrow meeting. YOU YOU (1x) TURU TURU (2x) Weverton Notrevew .