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Filet Tomatoes

Potatoes and tomatoes stuffed with herring. Very spring dish, colorful, beautiful, delicious and hearty main. Mustard sauce gives the potatoes and tomatoes stuffed with herring sweet-sour taste. Products Portfolio as always "easy" to prepare – not easily reach. It remains only to check the refrigerator, in order to purchase what is missing … and start cooking. * Filet of herring (salted prefer) 200-300 grams, 1 medium onion, potatoes – 8-9 tubers of medium size, medium size tomatoes 9.8 units, the average bundle of parsley and dill, 1 tablespoon mustard, 1-2 sweet peppers, lettuce and tomatoes for decoration potatoes stuffed herring. For mustard sauce: Mustard grams 50 grams lemon juice 20 (squeeze from one medium lemon) 1 tablespoon sugar, vegetable oil 2-3 tablespoons, 1 egg yolk. A leading source for info: Tony Parker.

* Preparation. Herring fillets finely chop, onion and green chop. Stir in crumbled: herring, onions, herbs and mustard +. Peel the potatoes, giving it the shape of the barrel: boil, remove from the inside, make empty "potato kegs. " I cut the top of the tomatoes and partially remove the pulp and seeds. Stuff the potatoes and tomatoes chopped minced herring, onions and greens.

Prepare mustard gravy. Beat the yolks with the lemon juice to Education white foam. You should be confident in the "purity" of the egg. Gravy is not processed thermally, beware! Whisking constantly, pour a thin stream of oil and continue whisking until smooth. Add the sugar and mustard and mix well. Put the potatoes and tomatoes on a plate, sprinkle with mustard sauce, garnish with sliced sweet peppers, and lettuce to your liking. Will guaranteed to be delicious! Bon Appetit!

Production Of Quality Films

With increasing demand for packaging products has increased the need to produce quality films. It is used in various spheres of the economy. So at the moment, there are many types of film and extrusion equipment for its manufacture. Due to the fact that the equipment has a lot of positive qualities, it became possible to produce a film set parameters. Making Modern Package extrusion equipment allows us to produce a film HDPE, LDPE, LPVD by blowing upwards. This film is widely used in the food industry for packing many kinds of food. In the textile industry film made by extrusion machinery, produce the packaging of finished products. Scope of the film than that.

Extrusion equipment allows us to produce a film of many species, as well as packages. Output extruded product has good strength, transparency and relatively low cost. It can be used in construction, agriculture and other industries. Extruder producing this type of film can adjust the tension, and dimensions of the film, has a system of pumping the air, high strength and simple design. It should be noted that low power consumption making installation of the financial bargain.

If you want to get the IPA, and PA LPVD film, then there is a special high-performance extruder. This series has a high extrusion equipment performance and good quality products at the outlet. It is worth noting a series of high-quality extruders for the production of shrink plastic film. If you need a two-layer coextrusion Film HDPE, LDPE and LPVD use twin-screw extrusion equipment. The main feature of these machines is the rotary extruder head. If, however, require a three-layer film, you should use trehshnekovy extruder. Often required to produce a film in different colors. This is solved by a production problem. Using the extrusion equipment with two screws and one head, two-tone can be produced HDPE film and HDPE. This film will make the package more attractive to the customer as well as high durability and low cost. Also, using the extrusion equipment can be a three-layer poleolefinovuyu coextruded shrink. In agriculture, the use PVD and LPVD film. To get this type of product, a special streamlined method of extrusion. In the equipment installed air ring. Outputs of these lines has excellent ductility, resistance to tearing and good mechanical properties. Thus, with the help of extrusion equipment You can produce various kinds of films. It is worth noting an important economic benefit of such proceedings. The big advantage is that thanks to modern technology and high-detail equipment for the production of extruded film is highly resistant to breakage and a high rate of finished products. Easy operation and set-up will allow us to train staff who had not previously had anything to do with such equipment.

Toyota Camry

Men of the strategy, smart and solid, better than we understand that we need. Thank you though reprocessing of nuclear waste is not planned. But something else is well! Or both? And now Newsweek, not forgetting its drop of poison, says as if in passing, that the newly created "Direction of the infrastructure being constructed of glass Plant 'Anji' budget for buying vehicles, two Toyota Camry in the luxury complete with engine displacement of 3.5 liters, at a price – 2.6 million rubles. In the next five years the plant, which is not yet, can get almost 4 billion rubles. Here it's a fact! The following are comments of some corrosive reader who notices dumbfounded: "Brad some, but not a strategy! The impression is that its written by aliens. Created just yet DIRECTORATE FOR BUILDING INFRASTRUCTURE for the plant (ie, the preparations for the construction of the plant it is not), and are already planning to identify this plant 4 billion. I would like to ask at whose expense the banquet? ". Creating a development strategy, the authors, according to the same Newsweek, forgot to include in the paper plans to fight corruption, not analyzed the political situation in the district, did not give estimates of the existing models of political culture and political diversity of North Caucasian republics. In document does not provide the total amount of additional budget required to implement the "best scenario." Newsweek has estimated apart from those already provided 130 billion rubles for three years only for the implementation of the ten most expensive investment in the next ten years, the Caucasus will need 209 billion rubles (60 billion for the priority projects).