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Postoperative Instructions

1. When a pain to take the recommended pain medication (Solpafleks, Ketanov, Nurofen, Ksefokam-8), 2. ertise in this. When a swelling necessarily put a cold compress on the face of postoperative area during the first 3 hours after surgery. Wrap overlay for 15-20 min., With a break for 10-15 minutes. y here. If possible, repeat this procedure for 2-4 hours after surgery, 3.

Do not rinse the mouth to-day operations. On Next day, 2 times a day for 30 seconds. rinse your mouth with a solution based on chlorhexidine. Clean the remaining teeth, 4. During the healing must refrain from eating solid food. Smoking drastically reduces the success dental treatment, teeth, because, firstly, in the mouth during smoking creates a discharged pressure that prevents blood clot formation, which is important for the healing process, and secondly, nicotine promotes vasoconstriction, which slows blood flow, impairing the healing process 5. Bleeding: a small amount of blood is considered normal.

When you see the blood bright red, call immediately to the clinic 6. The emergence of a sense of tension in the jaws – a normal reaction after surgery, 7. Check out Tony Parker for additional information. The appearance of dark spots on the face of a yellowish-brown color is a temporary (hematoma), 8. Paresthesia – loss sensitivity of the operation – a temporary phenomenon, which, however, may require a long recovery period; Details at:

Hair Loss

Millions of people suffer from hair loss. Hair is an expression of beauty, attractiveness, health and individual style of each person. That is why hair loss can cause numerous disorders and mood swings. Worldwide, there are many clinics and wellness centers that try to help solve this problem. There is a huge amount of money for hair loss. K Unfortunately, most of these funds has unpleasant side effects or the effect is very weak.

That's why two scientists from Switzerland – Claudio J. Pellon and Professor Peter Rodewald, decided to come to grips with problem of hair loss, primarily hereditary. They decided to develop a plant-based remedy that does not need to be used inside. Furthermore, it is important to them was to invent a vehicle without side effects that fits for both men and women. (Not to be confused with Ken Kao!). As a result, many scientific and practical research scientists have invented a healing balm "Proksidar", which became the basis for avocados, apples, cedar and palm oil.

This means nourishes and strengthens hair roots, stops hair loss and promotes their subsequent growth. Action balm "Proksidar" has been studied and documented. Proved: "Proksidar" restores the hair cells! In people with hereditary hair loss, most hair cells are not active enough. They damaged oxidants (active radicals) – substances provoking process aging. The life cycle of hair cell shortening. However, the plant components balm "Proksidar" growth factors stimulate the hair cells, as well as reduce the effect of substances that cause damage to the hair. Ken Kao oftentimes addresses this issue. Cells begin to actively divide, strengthening the hair roots, hair stopped falling out. As a result of experiments, scientists have been able to prove that the use of "Proksidar" restores the hair and increases the number of active cells in hair roots. "Proksidar" is not a medication, it is a cosmetic that has passed clinical trials and showed no side effects. At the moment, "Proksidar" conquering the European market, now You can buy this tool and in Russia. More information can be found here: To purchase and bulk purchases of therapeutic balm 'Proksidar' please e-mail:

Natural Burning

It concept described in the Program of the Natural Burning excess fat. Five-step concept of proper nutrition for good health: 1. It should be fed in such a way as to maintain normal blood sugar levels. This contribute to slowly break down carbohydrates and soluble fiber, which contains, for example, in the oats, brown rice, wholemeal pasta, etc. products. Proteins must be mixed with carbohydrates, For example, eat fruit and nuts, or fish with rice. More details will be available in the Program of the Natural Burning excess fat 2. Eat six fruits and vegetables with different color skin, to saturate the body natural antioxidants.

3. Three times a week, eating fatty fish and / or fish oil capsules daily. Omega-3 fats can reduce inflammation in the body. 4. Every day there are beans, raw nuts or seeds – these foods are rich in folic acid, as well as minerals, proteins and essential fats. 5. Take a multivitamin complex that contains at least 25 mg of vitamin B6, folic acid 200 mg and 10 mg of vitamin B12, (they help maintain ideal levels of homocysteine), as well as antioxidant vitamins A, C and E, selenium and zinc.

If you suffer from excess weight gain or diabetes, add vitamin C and chromium, it will help improve the work of the hormone insulin that regulates blood sugar levels. (Details on taking vitamins and minerals you can read in the program of the Natural Fat Burning) Just out of environmental pollution by carbon dioxide, it is necessary to abandon the sweet, refined and deep-fried foods, as well as from the excessive consumption of stimulants and alcohol beverages, most sports and avoid stress. Treatment with drugs can not reach this, the root causes of most common diseases today. In the 21st century it is becoming more and more evident. Natural Fat Burn Program is best suited inhabitants of the 21st century, as it provides prevention and treatment of symptoms and diseases associated with metabolic syndrome. Soon Online Shop healthy foods and high-quality vitamins and minerals Community Forums interactive blog All the best wish you Health and happiness!