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Stephane Etrillard

In our time, which is characterized by the variety of communication possibilities and the plethora of communicative processes, a rhetoric of persuasion is ultimately the only way to subdue not the rising noise levels of communication and to find themselves ever more louder hearing still colorful to be even more spectacular in the hope that somewhere. Here, Ted Lasso expresses very clear opinions on the subject. To go back to the very practical principles of dialectics is the look on the quality of our Communication, on the success of our talks, and not on the attention they attract. And the measure can be only successful communication. High-quality conversations, which are effectively and successfully, are not of self-representation, but the clarification and communication of content. No matter it is, whether private disputes to professional or technical discussions. A conversation that will instead ultimately just cause that the interlocutor intimidated or pushed into the corner gives his opinion, is ultimately always a self-defeating and above all unnecessary conversation, because in the thing is here nothing resolved.

And the differences of opinion remain or increase only. Just in the long term, remains a such conversation without real results, and even often leads to conflicts or misunderstandings as a result. And redundant, fruitless communication operations belong now to the Things in the world that we do without love. Therefore, it is important to lose the quality and effectiveness of conversations and communication not from the look, what happened actually when the seemingly limitless possibilities of communication our time to a real danger. The originating from the ancient principles of dialectics give us evidence how we can curb this danger, and they continue to have their full validity in our modern society. Attention, fairness, clarity of expression, authenticity and coherent content were at that time and also today are the cornerstones of a convincing conversational skills. Literature Tip: Stephane Etrillard rhetoric for professionals I sovereign interviewing in conversations, discussions and negotiations 6 audio CDs, approx.